Remembering James Dean





Remembering Olive Thomas

Olive Thomas (October 20, 1894 – September 10, 1920) was an American silent film actress and model.


Thomas began her career as an illustrators’ model in 1914, and moved on to the Ziegfeld Follies the following year. During her time as a Ziegfeld girl, she also appeared in the more risqué show, The Midnight Frolic. In 1916, she began a successful career in silent films and would appear in over twenty features over the course of her four-year film career. That year she also married actor Jack Pickford, the younger brother of silent film star Mary Pickford.

On September 10, 1920, Thomas died of acute nephritis in Paris five days after consuming mercury bichloride. Although her death was ruled accidental, news of her hospitalization due to the poison and Thomas’ subsequent death were the subject of media speculation. Thomas’ death has been cited as one of the first heavily publicized Hollywood scandals.

Remembering Rudy 💖

So… Today marks 91 years since we lost Rudolph Valentino.
Rudolph became my favorite actor from the Old Hollywood so today isn’t a light day for me.
He died 91 years ago and I am 31 years old, so I am asked how I get this sad when this date comes… Some people capture your attention and admiration in the first moment you see them, it doesn’t matter if they are still alive or gone a long time, and Rudolph, like Marilyn and Lillian, did this to me.
Today is the date I wanted to go till where he’s resting to take some flowers, but won’t be possible for me to do this today, sadly, so I will spend the hours I will have left reading his poem books and buy some flowers in his memory.
Clearly he was a talent gone too soon and unexpectedly.
I am thankful for all the videos of him that have been uploaded on YouTube, so I can download them and always have with me, and I am also thankful that the world could have had him, even that for only 31 years.

Forever remembered, Rudy! 💖🌹

Happy Birthday to Mae West

So, today is the birthday of another favorite actress of mine: Mae west and I’m trying to share one of my favorite videos of her: an  Interview with Dick Cavett.
I love this interview because it was actually a funny one, once, Mae made the interviewer embarrassed many times with her directs answers and I found that too funny, kind of impossible not to.
Pretty obvious Mae was the kind of lady who did what she wanted and the way she wanted in a time when not all did that, even stating that she had made a fortune out of censorship.
Wanted to spend the day watching some movies and reading more about her, but will just have time for this at night, so want to wish a happy birthday to this lady that didn’t even take too long to become one of my favorites from the Old Hollywood.

Happy Birthday, Mae! 🎂💕

1837 to 1980 (Victorian Era/Hollywood)