Happy birthday to Vincent Price


An American actor, well known for his distinctive voice and performances in horror films. His career spanned other genres, including film noir, drama, mystery, thriller, and comedy. He appeared on stage, television, radio, and more than one hundred films. He has two stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame: one for motion pictures, and one for television. Vincent would have turned 106 years old today. 🎂🎁

Top Gun 2

This movies does fit in my blog because of the year it was released (1986… My birth year :)) and because it is a classic!
Yesterday I found out they will make a sequel and Tom Cruise confirmed it as well.
I know that not all classics should get a sequel, not all movies does work well with a sequel but I believe that Top Gun 2 will be worth watching.
Wondering about the soundtrack…. Who can forget: Take my breath away? I can’t. Have on my playlist and God… I love that song.
I can only hope that they will bring a good sequel to this movie, a notice that I wasn’t waiting for this week, but that I liked hearing about.
Thank God is a sequel and not a remake.


Not fond of remakes…..

I just saw something about a remake of Dirty dancing airing tonight and this just made me feel like they shouldn’t have done that.
I know that in Hollywood the only thing that matter is money but I really think they should come up with original ideas instead remaking classics.
I can only hope that they won’t mess with those real classics from the Old Hollywood.
I even talked to some friends about this, and we know that with the technology nowadays literally everything is possible but one of the best things of Old Hollywood is the simplicity.
I am more attracted to the story than the special effects and etc, the movies nowadays… They look all the same,That’s why I am literally sticking to the classics, movies from 1920s and etc.
I really, really hope they won’t come with the idea of making remakes of classics like Orphans of the storm and others, doesn’t even make a sense in my opinion, but… We all know how Hollywood is.
No, I am not interested on watching this remake of Dirty Dancing, the original, in my opinion, was perfect.

Agatha Christie


Talking about my love for the Victorian Era I had decided to make a list of the writers of that time so I could go after their books and few weeks ago I was gifted by my mother 2 books of Agatha Christie: The Hollow and a Caribbean Mystery.
I started with The Hollow because the name attracted my attention more than the other one and currently I am on the 25th chapter, page 207, already anxious to start with the second book my mother gave me, but going by parts.
I am a bookworm, so every book I read I feel like suggesting, and despite I didn’t finish The Hollow yet, I can say that’s such a great book that you literally can’t think about doing anything else if you have it in your hands.
You sit down to read it and say to yourself that you will dedicate your focus to it for 30 minutes, because you need to share your time among other things during that day, and literally 1 hour and 30 minutes later you are still sitting there, totally focused on it. That’s me! And that’s worth it!
I hadn’t added Agatha to my list of writers so it was another great surprise for me to find out that she belonged to this era when my mother gave me these books and beside the stories itself, this fact made me start checking for other books that she wrote.
I also found out that my mother had read some books of Agatha, and even gave me suggestions about other books that she wrote that I might like, maybe that’s why she decided to buy these 2 and gift me, we don’t find them often at local bookstores and order online can be stressing, so she had the chance and grabbed it and for that, I am grateful. Best gifts? Books, of course, at least for me.
Want to finish this book by Sunday, maybe even Saturday, so I can kill my curiosity once for all about who the murderer is (I didn’t Google it and neither will check my blog during these days because there is a troll who seems to be in love with my blog, to make sure i will find out who killed John like I must find  out, going till the end with the book).
This far, not one disappointment with this book and neither will I ever have one every time I grab a book by Agatha.
So, this is literally two suggestions: the novelist and the book.
Totally worth it!

The trolls are on the loose

Sooner or later trolls like to show up at some blogs, because clearly they don’t have anything better to do or have a life to live, but the truth is that they amuse me and I feel flattered for seeing that they feel disturbed that something that I started for fun is actually attracting attention and putting me in contact with other people who also love Old Hollywood and etc and that this is attracting these people who clearly are bitter. An advice: try to live your life instead worrying or wasting your time begging for attention to people who own blogs or etc.

thank you for stopping by 😂😂😂😂

1837 to 1980 (Victorian Era/Hollywood)