Evelyn Francis McHale

Have you ever heard of Evelyn Francis McHale? Until last year, I hadn’t either.
Searching through articles about important events from 1940s, for my notebook, I came across an article that took my breath away. It read: “The most beautiful suicide”.
I checked the article because of the date it had taken place, and I found out about Evelyn McHale.
This lady, jumped to her death on May 1, 1947 from the observatory deck of the Empire States Building. She was 23 years-old.
Now, one would ask, why someone’s suicide, would be labeled as “The most beautiful”? Well, it as because of the way her body was found.
Evelyn’s body was found “resting” on the top of a limousine, and even though her death was violent, her body seemed to be in perfect shape, as if she was merely sleeping, with her ankles crossed, and a serene expression on her face.
The picture was taken by a street photography student, few minutes after the impact.
Few is known about Evelyn, and I only found 2 pictures of her, but I have found these information:
She was born on September 20, 1923 in California. She was the sixth or seventh child of Vicent and Helen McHale. After high School, she joined the Army Corps and was stationed in Missouri, and after she served it, she moved to New York to live with some relatives and started working as a bookkeeper with an engraving company. It was when she became engaged to a man named Barry Rhodes, a college student and they set to get married in June 1947 in Troy, New York. It has been said that she visited her Fiancée on April 30th to celebrate his 24th Birthday, and that on May 1st, she boarded a train back to NYC. Her fiancée stated that she kissed him good-bye and that she looked normal as any other girl. But Evelyn, as soon as she arrived in NY, she wrote a suicide letter and before 10:30am, she bought a ticket for the 86th Floor observation deck of Empire State Building, from where she jumped. Her letter also read that she didn’t want anybody from her family or out of it, to see her body, and that she wanted to be cremated, and that she also didn’t want any ceremony or remembrance for her. And then her letter continued about her opinion of not being able to be a good wife for her fiancée or any other person. She also mentioned her father saying that she had a lot of her mother’s tendencies.
Her body was identified by her sister and was cremated, and there is no grave.

When I found this story, I started to write it down on my notebook, but still, I will try to provide, at the bottom of this post, links to where you can find the story, and hopefully, I will find the original post, from where I wrote it down on my notebook.
Evenly wasn’t the only person who jumped from the Empire States Building, but for sure her story is the one that has been more reported due to the picture taken by this photographer.
I thought about including the picture on this post, but I am not sure if people under 18 years old, check my blog, so I opted for leaving it out of it, so people can decide if they want to see or not, but I can say that the picture isn’t strong compared to what comes in our minds related to a death like this, but still it is very sad. The impression you will have, if of someone merely sleeping on the top of the car, you don’t see blood or anything that could be seen as gruesome, by someone, but still, I opted for leaving it up to you, if you want to see or not.
The report also said, that when they removed her, her body literally “Fell  apart”, what could be expected, but still, the picture of Evelyn is something that makes you wonder a lot of things.

2015-01-19 12.10.47 2015-01-19 12.11.08

We cannot read the article, I am sorry, I couldn’t find a better resolution for this, but these are surely about her.

Link 1: http://time.com/3456028/the-most-beautiful-suicide-a-violent-death-an-immortal-photo/

Link 2: http://rarehistoricalphotos.com/beautiful-suicide-evelyn-mchale-leapt-death-empire-state-building-1947/

Link 3 (From where I obtained great part of the story): http://www.codex99.com/photography/43.html


Evenly McHale’s song


And here is for precaution, because we never know who is checking our blogs and what’s going through their lives and heads, so take a time to show some sort of support is always a good: http://suicideline.org.au/


The sims 3: Clara Bow

Something you guys don’t know about me: I am a Simmer since 2011.

That’s something I wouldn’t talk about because it has nothing to do with the theme of my blog itself, but since I came across this (That I am going to show you in few seconds) I decided to mention this and share this with you guys.

Googling Clara Bow, I came across this beautiful Sim:

personally, I think she is pretty and makes justice to Clara, I don’t know if you guys agree with me on this, but I am fascinated!

There are sims for Marilyn Monroe as well, but this one really got my attention.

I don’t know if you guys play this game as well, but I am sharing this as a matter of art, because create a sim based on someone else isn’t easy at all, believe me, but also because, if someone else plays this game, like me, this sim is available for download HERE. But you have to have an account to be able to get her, without paying anything.

I am downloading her, and I will try to show her on my game, but don’t worry, I won’t turn my blog about Old hollywood into something else!

Thank you for stopping by, and have a great day!

Marilyn Monroe’s obsession

All right, so I want to talk this time about Marilyn Monroe’s obsession.
That’s actually something that I see often, mainly on Marilyn Monroe’s groups, and it is something actually boring in my opinion.
What obsession means?: a persistent attachment to an object, person or idea
I am part of some grous about Marilyn monroe and I have came across people who: Think they know everythng about Marilyn Monroe, and that you cannot say anything about it because you are wrong and they are right, and people who literally need professional help.
As you guys can see, I am a huge fan of Marilyn, but I never acted like my life is only based on her, or that I have to have the last word about Marilyn or any other subject of my interest.
you like a person, you like her work, read about her, watch her movies and discc on a civilized manner about her, is to be a fan and a respectable one, but in the monent that you feel you HAVE to have the last word about Marilyn, that you present something you think as a fact, and someone else corrects you with the truth, and you still think you are right, going rude on the person, or you feel like you nobody can say anything about Marilyn except you, then this is where the problem starts.
I have seen people saying that they were Marilyn reincarnated, and people who wanted to stop being themselves to be Marilyn Monroe.
There is a huge difference between you being an impersonator, and you actually stop being yourself to try to be Marilyn 24 hours everyday of your life. I could name a case, Kay Kent.
According to the research that I made, Kay literally stopped living as herself to live as Marilyn Monroe, and even on her death, she tried to make it resembles Marilyn’s.
I also have seen a woman, on a group about Marilyn, claiming that she was Marilyn Reincarnated, and people also being really uncivilized because of an art they didnt understand about Marilyn.
We know that when someone gets famous, they start attracting fans and lunatics as well, that always happened, and of course it wouldn’t be different with Marilyn Monroe who is considered an icon and is know all over the world, but my opinion is that people who act like this, aren’t actually her fans, they are obsessed for her.
Obsession is never something good, many bad things come from people who are obsessed by someone or something and when the respect and admiration for a person becomes an obsession, then it is time to someone seeks professional help.
I noticed on some groups, that many people join, claiming they are her fan, but actually they know nothing about her, and they don’t like when others present them facts about who Marilyn was and who she wasn’t. It is like they love the way she looked, but they don’t care about who she was.
Of course I don’t know everything about Marilyn, but I do my best to learn things before talking about it, before stating something, I rely on facts, so when questioned, I can provide the link to it, because everybody can make facts up about anybody.
just lke when I osted about Marilyn monroe not being racist. I searched for that, I went through many pages, although the first one I read, had already given me the sure about it, and still, we find people who claim she was racist.
It is sad to say that I have seen more of these obsessed people than actual real fans of Marilyn, people who like to discuss about her movies, who she was, what they read about her, her life, all these things.
What I read the most about Marilyn is that she was pretty, that she was sexy and that she had an affair with JFK. Rarely I read people talking about how intelligent she was, how her childhood was, the books that she liked reading, what she really wanted, the eople she admired… these are things I basically discuss with myself or in my mind with people who wrote certain things about her that I didn’t know about, like a page where we can find 50 unknown facts about Marilyn Monroe. That page opened my eyes and was a real pleasure to know more and more about an actress that I actually admire a lot.
This page is actually the only place where I discuss about Marilyn, because it seems that these groups people don’t want to know about anything, they only want to see pictures and be rude, so, that was one of the reasons I created this blog, so I can write about things I like and also share things that I have learned about the Old Hollywood and Marilyn as well.
I feel like getting out of every Marilyn’s group to avoid people like this because, although I am not perfect, of course not, I really base myself o the Old Hollywood, what means, i like to be respectful and act like a polite person, have the class of that time, so deal with people like this is frustrating for me because it awakes the 2015 girl that I have inside myself, and I would lose my reason and the class I try to keep.

We don’t need to think alike! We don’t need to look alike to be her fan, but one thing it is absolutely necessary: we be respectful! Because our attitude speaks everything about ourselves.

You don’t need to know everything about Marilyn Monroe, but you should respect her, respect her fans and respect yourself as well.
God… really…

Happy New Year

So, I am already wishing all of you a Happy New Year and really show how grateful  I am for all the visits on my Google plus page and here as well.

I feel wonderful having this place where I can share my thoughts and meet people who also share my thoughts, so I really have to thank all of you who take a time to stop by.

The idea of creating this blog came this year, and although, sadly, my first blog had to be closed due to a malware, I cannot complain because I had other pages and created this new blog as well.

My first year blogging, so next year I am sure I will get to post often and new things as well.

Hope you guys to have a great celebration as well as a wonderful year!

Thank you for stopping by once again 🙂

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New Ideas

As you guys know, I have been buying some movies online because, sadly, isn’t easy to find some of the Old Classics at a local store, so i could only find them online.

Orphans of the Storm and Whales of August are two that I already got, and now i am trying to buy a box with some movies of Marilyn Monroe.

My plan is to buy at least 2 movies from my favorite actresses and actors of the Old Hollywood, it would be amazing if I could have a collection or something, so if someday I had children, they would be presented to the Golden era of Hollywood since an early age.

I also have been searching a lot pages like amazon and Ebay for things worth buying. I wanted a original autograph by Marilyn Monroe and Lillian Gish, but I am sometimes caught myself wondering: “What if it is not an original?”. I made myself a Photoshop brush with Lillian Gish’s autograph, but of course, I would never add it to a picture and sell on Ebay or any other place, I did that merely because I wanted to add to an edit I had worked on. That’s the easiest thing, sadly, so anyone can do this and sell.

I also teamed up with a friend of mine, who also likes the Old Hollywood to come up with more things.

I have been mostly on Twitter and Google plus, sharing pictures (The majority of Marilyn Monroe), but always looking for more pictures and learning more of other actresses and actors.

I have also been focusing myself more on Jean Harlow.

I like to take a notebook and write down some articles, instead saving to my laptop and exporting as a pdf to print, I get to learn more by writing everything down on the paper, so I can sit down, having some cup of hot chocolate while reading to everything I wrote. That’s a hobby for me and of course, I enjoy a lot.

The idea of having a small office filled with Old Hollywood movies, portraits, posters, maybe some old artifacts… that really inspires me! Would actually be my favorite spot of my house if I can make this happen!

Edna Purviance

October 21, 1895 – January 11, 1958) was an American actress during the silent movie era. She was the leading lady in many of Charlie Chaplin’s early films and in a span of eight years, she appeared in over thirty films with him.

Olga Edna Purviance was born in Paradise Valley, Nevada, to Louis and Madison Gates Purviance. When she was three, the family moved to Lovelock, Nevada, where they assumed ownership of a hotel property.Her parents divorced in 1902, and her mother later married Robert Nurnberger, a German plumber. Growing up, Purviance was a talented pianist.

She left Lovelock in 1913, and attended business college in San Francisco.

In 1915, Purviance was working as a secretary in San Francisco when actor and director Charlie Chaplinwas working on his second film with Essanay Studios, working out of Niles, California, one hour southeast of San Francisco, in Southern Alameda County. He was looking for a leading lady for A Night Out. One of his associates noticed Purviance at a Tate’s Café in San Francisco and thought she should be cast in the role. Chaplin arranged a meeting with her and, although he was concerned that she might be too serious for comedic roles, she won the job.

Chaplin and Purviance were romantically involved during the making of his Essanay, Mutual, and First National films of 1915 to 1917. Purviance appeared in 33 of Chaplin’s productions, including the 1921 classic The Kid. Her last film with him, A Woman of Paris, was also her first lead role. The film was not a success and effectively ended Purviance’s career. She went on to appear in two more films: The Sea Gull, also known as A Woman of the Sea(which Chaplin never released) and Éducation de Prince, a French film released in 1927, just before she retired from acting. She has been credited as an extra in Chaplin’s final two American movies, Monsieur Verdoux and Limelight. Chaplin kept her on his payroll until her death in 1958.

Although she was romantically involved with Charlie Chaplin for several years, Purviance eventually married John Squire, a Pan-American Airlines pilot, in 1938. They remained married until his death in 1945.

Source: Tumblr

.On January 11, 1958, Purviance died from throat cancer at the Motion Picture Country Hospital in Hollywood.Her remains are interred at Grand View Memorial Park Cemetery in Glendale, California

A page about Edna and other pictures of here grave HERE

This page above is very good, it also explains that there was a mistake of where she was actually buried.

When I first looked for her grave on Google, I went to Find A Grave, where is the place I usually go when I want to know where people are buried, the exact location, and I found this picture

But that is the wrong grave, plus the date of birth. The person who uploaded may have confused the names, I am not sure, It happens after all… but on this page cited above about Edna, I saw her actual grave.

Source: Tumblr

Burlesque on Carmen

One of my favorite movies from Charlie Chaplin.

That movie wasn’t the first contact I had with Charlie, I had heard of him, but must say, with some shame, that until 2012, I hadn’t watched anything from and about him, until I found that channel, where they showed many classics, and Charlie Chaplin was one of them. It was on this channel that I watched Burlesque on Carmen for the first time ever.

Lucky me that they would always repeat the episodes, so I guess I watched it three or four times, and one of these times, I recorded it with my phone (Still have it saved… it was on October 22, 2012), but I just got this movie, in a better quality.

Edna Purviance played Carmen, and it was also through this movie that I could take a better look at her and her talent, although she was a guaranteed presence in many of his works (I read about Charlie liking her).

Burlesque on Carmen is Charlie Chaplin’s thirteenth and last film for Essanay Studios, released in 1915 and then later recut into a different version in 1916. Charlie Chaplin played Darn Hosiery and Edna Purviance played Carmen. Carmen was very popular at this time and two films under this title had already been released in 1915, one by Raoul Walsh where Theda Bara played Carmen and one by Cecil B. DeMille where the part was played by Geraldine Farrar. Chaplin’s version is a parody of DeMille’s film, following closely its structure and using very similar sets and costumes.

The film was released in two reels at the end of 1915 when Chaplin’s contract with Essanay Studios was up. The studio added two reels worth of additional non-Chaplin material and re-released the film in 1916.

I found this link, where they say the movie, is available for free download, but also you can watch on Youtube, where the quality of the movie seems to be better than this one.

Absolutely fascinating how movies from 1910s are… I really just started understanding about real good movies when I started checking for the classics… Took me 26 years to finally understand this, but it is never too late.

1837 to 1980 (Victorian Era/Hollywood)