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lupe vélez

She was born Maria Guadalupe Villalobos Velez in San Luis Padosí, Mexico, in July 18, 1908, and passed away in Glendale, California, on December 13, 1944.


(Source: Tumblr)

She began her career as a dancer in Mexico in vaudeville before she moved to the United States, where she soon entered the film industry, having her first appearance in 1927, in the movie The Gaucho.

By the end of the decade, she had some leading roles and was one of the first Mexican actresses to succeed in Hollywood.

She worked with directors like D. W Griffith, Cecil B. Demille, Victor Fleming and William Wyler and when the Talkies started, her career turned to Comedy style.

Lupe became popular with the Characterization of the explosive, rebellious, irreverent “Latina woman” and that made her popular with the Hispanic audience.

Lady of the pavements from 1928, The Wolf song from 1929, Palooka  (1933 ) and Laughing Boy (1934) were some of her memorable movies as well as a series of movies created in 1940s especially for her called “Mexican Spitfire”.

She was also a prototype for the contemporary female stars who have proclaimed their pleasures in their bodies and their sexual liberation. She was seen as “funny” due to her excess of sexual energy, not because of lack of physical attractiveness.

She also refused to conform to the decorum norms associated with Hollywood. 

She also received the nicknames: Mexican Spitfire and The Hot Pepper.


Her personal life was difficult. She dated many men and never made qualms about this fact. it included a 5 year marriage to Austro-Hungarian-American Johnny Weissmuller and some romances with figures like: Charlie Chaplin, Clark Gable, Errol Fynn, Erich Maria Remarque and actor Gary Cooper, were highly publicized by the media.

Her first widely, publicized love, was with American screenwriter, actor and director John Gilbert, but for sure, her involvement with Gary Cooper, that she met during the filming of The Wolf Song, in 1929 and lasted 2 years, was the one that attracted more attention for being passionate and stormy. From Lupe’s incontrollable rage moment in a train station in Los Angeles, to Lupe being taken in custody after she was spotted giving Gary oral sex on his car parked in a park and on one situation when Lupe attacked him with a knife, and in another situation, when she shot at his head, but the bullet caught on a station platform as Cooper, was trying to escape from her to New York. He escaped unharmed.


(Lupe Velez and Gary Cooper)

Their relationship ended also because of his mother, who didn’t support it. It has been said that Gary was controlled by Lupe.

The break up was really difficult for her, she  had tried to forget him using the help of narcotics and seeking comfort on the arms of other lovers.

She married Johnny Weissmuller in 1933, but the marriage would also be no good due to misunderstanding and jealousy that resulted on domestic violence. Violence that had to be hidden with the help of makeup during the filming of Tarzan.

images (1)

When she returned to Mexico to film La Zandunga with actor Arturo de Córdova, a man who fascinated the female audience, including Lupe herself, she fell in love with him, ignoring the fact that he was married and had children.

Their relationship was complex because he wanted to keep his reputation and he feared the scandal that a divorce might bring to his career. in 1939 she was divorced from Weissmuller.

She tried to convince Arturo to divorce his wife, but his wife was humiliated that her private life  was exposed and refused to give him the divorce.

By 1944, she met an Austrian actor named Harald Maresch, who had worked with Córdova in Frenchman’s Creek, in 1944 and was trying to start a career in Hollywood using the name Harald Ramond. She recommended him to some producers, and she fell in love with him and asked him to marry her and he agreed, but only thinking about what she could offer him.

In September she found out that she was 4 months pregnant, and in December she saw the real face of Ramond, when a woman named Francesca Vitner, who had been with Ramond (Maresch), sued him for breach of promise. She saw that he wasn’t the inexperienced man she thought he was and had protected.

Now comes the part that basically turned her into an “Hollywood Urban Legend”.

Her death was attributed to suicide, and many believed that the reason that led her to end her life, it was find out that she was pregnant and that she would give birth to a child out of wedlock.

Another version says that the child she expected was fathered by Córdova, and once he wouldn’t get divorced  and their Catholic roots was against abortion, she decided to look for a man who would marry her, and this man was Maresch.

Another version has Lupe finding Córdova in the bed with Maresch and ending he life because of it. And yet, another version, that was provided by a journalist was that Gary Cooper was the father of her child.

“To Harald: May God forgive you, and forgive me too, but I prefer to take my life away and our baby’s, before I bring him with Shame, or kill him. Lupe”  (That’s her suicide note)

She had an overdose of sleeping pills (she took 80 Seconal pills).

According to newspapers, her body was found by her secretary and friend of 10 years, Beulah Kinder, on her bed surrounded by flowers, just like she wished.

Huffington Post on may 24, 2013, repost the first ever photo of the scene of Lupe’s death, showing that she was found on the floor and not on the bed.


People still wonder what actually led her to suicide: if it was actually the fact that she would have a child in those conditions or if it was due depression, once she presented signs of depression and extreme motion and manias. Some biographers suggested that she suffered from bipolar disorder, that once left untreated, resulted on her suicide.

On her funeral, more than 4.000 people walked past her casket in Glendale, California, and later, in Mexico City, thousands more including actors as Cantinflas, Jorge Negrete and Maria Félix attended to say their final farewell.


She was buried in the Panteón de Dolores, in the Tacubaya Section of Mexico City, in a walled section within the walled cemetery, reserved for artists and administered by the Mexico’s National association of Actors.

She has a Hollywood Walk of Fame star at 6927 Hollywood Boulevard.

Marilyn Monroe told a journalist about her first encounter with Lupe

“My mother worked in RKO film studios and sometimes took me with her. Here i first saw Lupe Vélez, a Mexican girl that was all rage, whose appearance and physical character fascinated me. Then my dream was to be someday, someone like her.”

my first digital nature painting

Not about Hollywood, not about Victorian Era, but I would like to share this.

I have a Graphic Designer Diploma, but mostly I use Photoshop to edit some pictures, and few times used to try create someone, but that’s the first time I decided to create a landscape.

I am thinking about start painting… landscapes and Hollywood actresses mostly and then sell them, but once I still didn’t buy the material for that and I was feeling a little bored I decided to try on photoshop.

This landscape is from my The Sims 3 game, and that’s the original one:


I created some layer and then started to draw everything, so I could paint on Photoshop, to see if I could give the interpretation that I wanted, and this was the final result, with some filters to give the impression of the Sunset:


I am anxious to try a Marilyn Monroe art, but this time on a canvas instead photoshop, hopefully I can start this week and I shall post the result here.

My blog won’t change its theme, I won’t post anything other than Old Hollywood and Victorian/Edwardian Era, but really wanted to share this here because.. I feel really happy right now!

I wasn’t waiting for this final result and this represents something really good for me! 🙂

Victorian era freakshows

Another aspect of the Victorian Era that attracted my attention when I started to learn about that time.

Freak shows  were a particularly popular form of entertainment during the Victorian period. But what exactly it was about?  is an exhibition of biological rarities, referred to as “freaks of nature”. Typical features would be physically unusual humans, such as those uncommonly large or small, those with both male and female secondary sexual characteristics, people with other extraordinary diseases and conditions, and performances that are expected to be shocking to the viewers. Heavily tattooed or pierced people have sometimes been seen in freak shows, as have attention-getting physical performers such as fire-eating and sword-swallowing acts. People from all classes would gather to see them.

We still have this kind of show, one I can think about features Morgue… he is my favorite, actually! People can see him on Venice Beach with other artists.

Of course that during the Victorian Era, people would gather to see people swallowing swords, people with tattoos and piercings and etc, but when I think about the Victorian Era Freakshows… I think of the Elephant-Man, Joseph Merrick. And I will talk about him, but let me discuss a little bit about the aspects of these shows before show you guys some people.

Looking back at the freakshows during the Victorian Era nowadays, we would feel disgusted! Not disgusted about how these people called “freaks” looked, but how they were treated. These shows became really popular, and people who had deformities, were taken to these shows so others could see them, and that’s also how they made some money. People were curious about them.

In the 19th Century, these shows became more and more popular, attracting more money, leading people to even create hoaxes, like P. T Barnum, who in 1842, introduced his first major hoax, a creature with the head of a monkey and the tail of a fish, known as the “Feejee” mermaid.

Barnum is remembered for promoting celebrated hoaxes and for founding the Barnum & Bailey Circus, and responsible for a certain number of people who were added to this kind of show, like General Tom Thumb,  native American dancer fu-Hum-Me,  William Henry Johnson, aka Man-monkey, who was an “black dwarf who spoke a mysterious language created by Barnum”, giantess Anna Swan and Commodore Nutt, a new General Tom thumb .

Some people decided to join the freaskshows to make some money, like the Elephant Man, who, due to his deformities, had real hard times, not only on dealing with a father who treated him as a burden, as for really having a real job due to his look, but sometimes, these businessmen, who were always in search for new “attractions” would buy children, who presented some deformity, whose families didn’t have conditions to provide on them. They would talk about giving them a better life, and then introduce them as attractions. They would teach them other languages, also teach them to play some instrument, dance, sing, etc.

For example: Sarah “Saartjie” Baartman, known as Venus Hottentot, beside her native language,  spoke fluent Dutch, passable English, and a smattering of French. She was a Khoikoi woman, exhibited as a freak show attraction in the 19th Century.

Some businessmen would even marry them, like happened with Julia Pastrana, known as the “Ugliest woman in the world”.


(Source: DailyMail)

At the time the Elephant-Man was brought into exhibition, people started to see the freakshows differently, they now thought it was distasteful. In my opinion, Joseph Merrick was the one who really had the most severe deformities presented, and when people would see him, they would feel really disgusted. After some weeks working with Tom Normal, his exhibition was shut down by the police. Frederick Treves,  who became good friends with Merrick arranged for him to move to a Hospital in London, where he stayed until his death, after this.

These changing attitudes about physical differences led to the decline of the freak show as a form of entertainment towards the end of the 19th century. “Freaks” became the objects of sympathy rather than fear or disdain. Laws were passed restricting freak shows for these reasons. For example, Michigan’s law forbids the “exhibition [of] any deformed human being or human monstrosity, except as used for scientific purposes”


Here are some of the Victorian Freaks that I first heard of:


1) Joseph Carey Merrick, known as the Elephant man, born in 5 August 1862 – 11 April 1890.



He had severe deformities who started to develop during the first years of his life. when he was exhibited, a pamphlet titled “The Autobiography of Joseph Carey Merrick”, produced c. 1884 to accompany his exhibition, states that he started to display symptoms at approximately five years of age, with “thick lumpy skin … like that of an elephant, and almost the same color”.According to a 1930 article in the Illustrated Leicester Chronicle, he began to develop swellings on his lips at the age of 21 months, followed by a bony lump on his forehead and a loosening and roughening of the skin.As he grew, a noticeable difference between the size of his left and right arms appeared and both his feet became significantly enlarged.The Merrick family explained his symptoms as the result of Mary’s being knocked over and frightened by a fairground elephant while she was pregnant with The concept of maternal impression—that the emotional experiences of pregnant women could have lasting physical effect on their unborn children—was still common in 19th century Britain. Merrick held this belief about the cause of his affliction for his entire life.Frederick Treves, the man who first saw him before Norman opened his exhibition in November,  recalled in his 1923 Reminiscences that Merrick was “the most disgusting specimen of humanity that I had ever seen … at no time had I met with such a degraded or perverted version of a human being as this lone figure displayed.” At the first sight of him Treves presumed that Merrick as “an imbecile” but after his examination, Treves noticed that Merrick was “shy, confused, not a little frightened, and evidently much cowed.” He measured Merrick’s head circumference at the large size of 36 inches (91 cm), his right wrist at 12 inches (30 cm) and one of his fingers at 5 inches (13 cm) in circumference. He noted that his skin was covered in papillomata (warty growths), the largest of which exuded an unpleasant smell. The Subcutaneous Tissue appeared to be weakened and caused a loosening of the skin, which in some areas hung away from the body. There were bone deformities in the right arm, both legs, and, most conspicuously, in the large skull. Despite the corrective surgery to his mouth in 1882, Merrick’s speech remained barely intelligible. (Here is a test of how he probably sounded like) His left arm and hand were not large and were not deformed. His penis and scrotum were normal. Apart from his deformities and the lameness in his hip, Treves concluded that Merrick appeared to be in good general health. On one of the visits, Treves had photographs taken, and he provided Merrick with a set of copies which were later added to his autobiographical pamphlet.It was Treves, who after Merrick’s exhibition was shut down, provided for him to be accepted at a Hospital, where he was constantly visited by him, until his passing. At first, the nurses were upset about him, but they got to overcome this and cared for him, and also sometimes Merrick would try to walk by the Hospital, but they would take him back to his room to avoid strange situations related to other patients.
“He often said to me that he wished he could lie down to sleep ‘like other people’ … he must, with some determination, have made the experiment … Thus it came about that his death was due to the desire that had dominated his life—the pathetic but hopeless desire to be ‘like other people’.” – Frederick Treves.

His entire story caused a real sadness in me, and even though he is one of those, if not the one people remember when they think about the Freakshows during the Victorian Era, who really brought me a lot of sadness.

He wanted it was to be like other people for many reasons, and it was this wish, of being like the others, at least once, that caused his death.Merrick’s death was ruled accidental and the certified cause of death was asphyxia, caused by the weight of his head as he lay down. Treves, who performed an autopsy on the body, said that Merrick had died of a dislocated. Knowing that Merrick had always slept sitting upright out of necessity, Treves came to the conclusion that Merrick must have “made the experiment”, attempting to sleep lying down “like other people”.

Reves dissected Merrick’s body and took plaster casts of his head and limbs. He took skin samples, which were later lost during the Second World War, and mounted his skeleton, which remains in the pathology collection at the Royal London Hospital. Although the skeleton has never been on public display, there is a small museum dedicated to his life, housing some of his personal effects.


Some Curious Rumors:

1) Michael Jackson loved the movie based on Merrick’s story, he was quoted saying that he watched many times and identified with him. It has also been said that Michael Jackson visited Royal London Hospital and saw the plaster Casts of his head and limbs (something that people can’t do without a permit, it seems) and that he became interested on buying them. I read on an article that Michael denied this story later.

2) “Supposedly” Johnny Depp has a copy of this plaster at his Los Angeles Office.

3) Merrick was once suspected of being Jack the Ripper, but this was later ignored because due to his conditions Merrick had difficulty to walk, let alone do the things that the Ripper did.

Here is a picture of how Merrick would have looked-like if he didn’t have those deformities:

Joseph Merrick


Here is a picture of his Skeleton:

Elephant 3


1) Chang and Eng Bunker: Thai-American conjoined twins whose condition and birthplace became the basis for the term “Siamese twins”. May 11, 1811- January 17, 1874.

images (1)

They were born in the province of Samutsongkram, near Bangkok, in the Kingdom of Siam (today’s Thailand). They were joined by the sternum by a small piece of cartilage, and even though their livers were fused, they were independently complete.

A Scottish merchant named Robert Hunter saw the twins in 1829 and paid their parents to permit him to exhibit them as curiosities during a world tour. They were one of those who wee successful on this as well, and when their contract was over, they decided to start their own business. In 1839 they purchased a 110-acre (0.45 km2) farm near Traphill, where they started a plantation, bought some slaves, to do the work they couldn’t do, started using the name that they had adopted, Bunker and married local women, sisters: Adelaide Yates and Sarah Anne in 1843, becoming naturalized American citizens.

Chang and Adelaide had 11 children, while Eng and Sarah had ten.

After some time, the sisters started to dislike each other, so they separated the households being set at West of Mount Airy in North Carolina in the town of White Plains.

They brothers would alternately spend 3 days with each household.

Chang Died on January 17, 1874, while his brother was sleeping. Eng awoke to find his brother dead and cried, “Then I am going”. A doctor was summoned to perform an emergency separation, but he was too late. Eng died approximately three hours later.

There is a Museum about them at Mütter Museum in Pennsylvania, where their fused liver was preserved and is in exhibition, there, you also will find many artifacts belonging to the brothers and a real plaster death cast.

Here is the link of the Museum

Here is the FindAGrave link to their graves


3) Schlitzie: (September 10, 1901– September 24, 1971).


(Source: Pinterest: This is the Art from Rick Baker, for more, please, scroll down)

I know that Schlitzie cannot be considered as an Victorian Freak because when he was born, the Victorian Era had ended, once it was named due to Queen Victoria and she passed away on 22 January, 1901, but still, once my blog starts with the Victorian Era and goes till 1980s, I felt like adding him because I felt a big interest for this story as well, and yes.

He was an American sideshow performer and occasional actor, best known for his role in the 1932 movie Freaks and his lifelong career on the outdoor entertainment circuit as a major sideshow attraction with Barnum and Bailey, among others.

(A small information about SIDESHOW, once I started this post talking about FREAKSHOW:  There are four main types of classic sideshow attractions, but I will name the one he took part on: The “Ten-in-One” offers a program of ten sequential acts under one tent for a single admission price. The ten-in-one might be partly a freak show exhibiting “human oddities” (including “born freaks” such as midgets, giants or persons with other deformities, or “made freaks” like tattooed people, fat people or “human skeletons”- extremely thin men often “married” to the fat lady, like Isaac W. Sprague). However, for variety’s sake, the acts in a ten-in-one would also include “working acts” who would perform magic tricks or daredevil stunts. In addition, the freak show performers might also perform acts or stunts, and would often sell souvenirs like “giant’s rings” or “pitch cards” with their photos and life stories.)

His real Birth date and place are unknown and possibly his name was Simon Metz. His Death Certificate and grave indicates that he was born on September 10, 1901 in Bronx, but other sources claim that he probably was born in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Schlitzie was born with microcephaly, a neurodevelopmental disorder that left him with an unusually small brain and skull, a small stature (he stood about four feet tall (122 cm)),[4] myopia, and moderate to severe mental retardation. It is possible that these features may have been caused by Seckel syndrome. It was said Schlitzie had the cognizance of a three-year-old: he was unable to care fully for himself and could speak only in monosyllabic words and form a few simple phrases.However, he was able to perform simple tasks and it is believed that he could understand most of what was said to him, as he had a very quick reaction time and the ability to mimic.Those who knew Schlitzie described him as an affectionate, exuberant, sociable person who loved dancing, singing, and being the center of attention, performing for anyone he could stop and talk with.

On sideshows, those with microcephaly were labeled as “pinheads” or “missing links”, he was labeled as “The Last of the Aztecs”, “The Monkey Girl”, and “What Is It?” and they were paired with other pinheads.

He also was always dressed on muumuu and was presented as a girl or androgynous. Even though people thought that he was dressed in such manner to give more realism to how he was presented, it has been said that was dressed like this because of his urinary incontinence, once such clothing would make easier for those who took care of him, even though maybe this didn’t actually happen until a certain time of his life.

He is most known for his role on 1932 iconic horror film, “Freaks”. I still didn’t watch this movie fully, merely some YouTube scenes, but we can see two “pinhead” girls , know as “Snow sisters” (That I personally found too adorable)  Zip (Elvira Snow) and Pip (Jenny Lee Snow) and also  was credited on 1934’s Tomorrow’s children,  and was also cited as appearing on 1932’s Island of the lost souls, although some people debated if it was really Schlitzie or a look-alike on these movies.

About Freaks: when the movie premiered people didn’t like it, and the movie was banned from England for 30 years. The movie was a financial failure and the director wasn’t hired by another major studio again.

In 1935 Schlitzie was adopted by George Surtees while he was performing at Tom Mix Circus. He kept performing in the Circus while under Surtee’s care, but when he passed away in 1965, his daughter, who wasn’t related to the show business, decided to commit Schlitzie to a Hospital in Los Angeles where he remained until he was recognized by Bill Unks, who took him back to the life that he knew and that he missed.

In the last of his years he still was occasionally performing,  in some sideshow circus, locally, and internationally, like in London. His last  major appearance was at the 1968 Dobritch International Circus held at Los Angeles sports Arena, and his final film role was as “Princess Bibi”, a sideshow attraction, in Meet Boston Blackie.

He was also an attraction at Hollywood streets where his new guardians sold stock carnival souvenir with his pictures, and also, at MacArthur Park,  at Alvarado Street and Wilshire Boulevard, where he liked going for performing for those who passed by and also feed the ducks. He spent his last days living at Santa Monica Boulevard.

He passed away on September 24, 1971, at age 70, at  Fountain View Convalescent Home, from bronchial pneumonia.

His death certificates identify him as “Shlitze Surtees” and his birth date as 1901.

Schlitzie was initially interred in an unmarked grave at Queen of Heaven Cemetery in Rowland Heights. In 2009, a fan took up a collection to have a marker placed at his grave.

I found out about Schlitzie while browsing through FindAdeath web page, that’s one of my favorite web pages, so I clicked on his article for the curiosity of his name and then I learned about him, later looking for other sources and then, watching few scenes from Freak, on YouTube.

Here is his page on FindAgrave, really interesting!


Interesting links:

*His grave at FindaGrave

*His big scene on “Freaks”

*My Favorite Hollywood “monster creator”, Rick Baker (I love him so much), working on Schlitzie’s sculpture


*Read the FAQ about the movie “Freaks”

monetize my blog or not? i am not sure

When I started this blog, I started for 3 reasons:

1) Do what I like to do the most: write

2) As some sort of Therapy

3) Meet people who would identify with the subjects of my interest

I wasn’t exactly waiting for this much traffic, when I first created my blog on blogspot, but of course it was a good thing because that meant that I was writing something that people were enjoying to read. I often kept my writings to myself.

So, a couple days ago, a friend asked if I had plans to monetize or add a “donate” bottom to my blog. I had no idea what monetize meant, so I took a read and I noticed that many people indeed do that, but that some people recommended such thing in the beginning of the blog’s creation, instead a year or months later.

Make some money with my blog would be cool of course, but I started wondering about it because I don’t want people to think that I will only write if I get paid for that, but join both things might be cool.

I applied for this on Adsense, and they are still reviewing….. they are taking too much, but they are reviewing, so if I am approved, I will have the chance to see how it really works.

I am sure about 2 things related to this: 1) I don’t want adds that aren’t related to my blog, so if I like it and find it worth, I want to find things related to Books about Victorian Era’s history, poems and novels and Classic movies, once that’s what my blog is about. 2) I don’t want these adds everywhere. Which means, I don’t want people who come to my blog, to see more these adds than my posts, so if I can put them on a place that won’t disturb the concept of my blog and won’t cause some problem to my posts, or be a spam (I don’t stand spams) it will be the best.

That’s not something for sure, because it will only work if these ideas can be applied, and I still need to check more on this subject.

I am new on this blogging universe, always treated this blog more like a diary than actually a blog itself, so I’m still testing new things.

I hope they will give me an answer as fast as possible, because if things aren’t like I thought they would be, I will get rid of this Adsense account.


Monetizing or not, nothing will change, my posts will keep coming. This story of: “I will blog for money” doesn’t work with me because I do this as therapy, and because I really preferred to be back to 1920s and etc, so this is a need for me. Not only for writing about what I like, but also learning more about what I like as well.

what really happened to marilyn monroe?


What really happened to Marilyn Monroe on that Sunday, August 5, 1962?

That’s something that many people have asked, still ask, and will keep asking, for it doesn’t seem they will ever come to an agreement about what really happened to her.

Some people say that Marilyn Monroe took her own life, others say that she was murdered and others say that she had an accidental overdose.

Personally, I am not sure of what happened, I think that what happened to her was an accident, that she didn’t intend to end her life, but I’m going to explore on this post these 3 theories.

I have been checking more about Marilyn Monroe’s life than death, but such subject cannot be ignored for sadly happened, so I read many articles, and discussed the topic… well… mostly I observed, on some groups about her.

Many fans, to don’t say all of them, because that wouldn’t be correct, believe that Marilyn was murdered by the orders of the Kennedys.

So, that’s the first theory… Murder.

1) The Murder Theory: We all know about how Marilyn’s childhood had been, and why she always seemed to be that little girl, who was fragile and just wanted to be loved. One of her quotes state that she believed every girl was meant to hear she was beautiful (Even if that wasn’t truth – her own words) and that nobody said she was beautiful when she was a child. What she wanted the most was actually be loved, and when she reached the stardom in Hollywood, we all know that she was surrounded by many men who wanted to know her and be near her. But when we are this famous, it seems quite impossible to say who wants to be near you because they like you, or because they think you can benefit them. Marilyn was married 3 times. She married James Dougherty from 1942-1946 (She was  16 when she married James), later, she married Joe Dimaggio, from 1954-1954, and then, she married Arthur Miller, from 1956-1961 (It has been quoted that she intended to re-marry Joe, when she passed away). Marilyn met John F.Kennedy  in 1962. Actor Peter Lawford and his wife, who happened to be John’s sister, invited Marilyn to a dinner party in NYC that was being held to honorr the president. We all know that famous video of Marilyn singing “Happy Birthday, Mr. President. Marilyn had met John Kennedy twice before. It has been said that she had an affair with him, I prefer not to discuss this, because I have not taken a deep look at this subject, but some say she did have an affair with him as well as with his brother Bobby, others say that wasn’t truth. Accordingly to an article that I’ve read (I will try to find the same article or a similar, so you guys can take a look), John wasn’t the “faithful type” and that he had had some affairs before, and Marilyn was one of them, and Marilyn, who wanted to make it really big in Hollywood, started “dreaming” on becoming the First Lady of the United States. Of course, the media had noticed that maybe there might be something between them, and that started to worry people who worked with Kennedy and the Kennedys themselves. The last thing they wanted, it was something to ruin what they were getting, and Marilyn had the power to make this happen, so that was really a worry to all of them. That was when Bobby Kennedy ordered her murder. Supposedly Marilyn was killed due to a fatal injection of Pentobarbital to the heart. Many people believe in this theory because, we are talking about the Kennedys, and like I’ve read on “Martha Moxley case”, where the person who killed her was related to the Kennedys…. “You don’t mess with a family that important”, so, nothing would come between them and what they wanted, they didn’t want scandals, they didn’t want anything that could represent a problem or risk to what they were doing, and Marilyn was this “risk, danger”. From a scene being visited by someone, before they arrive to pick her body, to Bobby Kennedy being seen near her house by someone, the details vary. There are or were, reports about Marilyn Monroe on FBI web page. And by the time of her death, Marilyn was to sign a millionaire contract. She was the actress that people loved to talk about, loved to see and worship, but she was relatively poor paid compared to other actresses. She also seemed to be thinking about re-marrying Joe… these 2 facts are often used when people say they believe she killed herself. “She had no reasons to take her life”. Reflecting on this, I admit that we do think this is what happened to her. We have… a powerful family, two powerful and loved men, by America, a Bombshell who knew things she wasn’t supposed to know and that thought that she could be the first Lady of the USA… Basically, they had ways and a “reason” for doing it so, according to people who believe she was murdered. Fans reached the point of saying that what happened to both brothers, was the karma hitting in for what they did to Marilyn, but the Kennedys already seemed to be an unfortunate family even before what happened to Marilyn. (The Kennedys curse). Anyway, homicide isn’t cited on her death certificate.


2) Suicide Theory: Just because someone is rich, famous and beautiful, it doesn’t mean their lives are perfect. We see many cases of successful Hollywood actors who we would never imagine that, personally, they were dealing with depression, like Robin Williams who sadly, took his own life last year. Marilyn was said to have depression, and everybody who deals with it, knows how difficult it is, how things that we enjoyed doing, suddenly doesn’t matter anymore.The divorce with Arthur Miller, that she confirmed in tears, the death of Clark Gable, that she saw as the father she wanted to have (She cried for days when he passed away). Clark’s wife blamed Marilyn for his heart attack, saying that her delays while filming The Misfits, cause a lot of stress on him. Marilyn was devastated when she found out about this statement. By 1960-1961, it seems things didn’t improve for her. She entered a clinic in 1961 after being suggested to do it so by a psychiatrist, but she wasn’t comfortable with this. The place was secured and watched, and that made her feel like she was being treated as crazy. She had limited phone calls and she used that to talk to Joe, who later put her on another medical center. I have a book called: Fragments: poems, intimate notes, letters: Marilyn Monroe, and this book really talks a lot about Marilyn, the Marilyn that people didn’t see, because they were looking at her as a sexy symbol bombshell, rather than try to see who Marilyn really was. She was still Norma Jean, Marilyn was the persona that she created to succeed in Hollywood. And being Marilyn Monroe, of course that wasn’t easy. “I am just looking at her” was something that she said when a friend asked why she stared so much at the mirror.All these facts, led some people to believe that what happened to her, was really Marilyn getting tired of everything and releasing herself from anything that she felt she couldn’t fight against. Loneliness, shattered dreams that she had related to Kennedy, divorce, Clark’s death… But this theory is denied by many people who cited how her life was about to improve, like I mentioned on the first theory: a possible second chance with Joe, a millionaire contract, possible more and more, so I believe that really few people believe that Marilyn took her own life. I also find difficult to believe…also because her last phone call seemed to be to Joe Dimmagio Jr, and she sounded happy when she spoke to him, according to his words. But depression isn’t easy… maybe she had a bad moment after that? A moment of despair that led her to such impulsive act?


3) Accidental overdose: This one is the theory that I catch myself thinking: “Maybe…”, when I think of her death. Remember Heath Ledger? He started to have problems to sleep while filming The Dark Knight, and was prescribed pain killers and some remedy to  help him to sleep, and his passing was considered Accidental overdose, not suicide, something I am sure about, he didn’t intend to kill himself. He used more than he should, maybe because he really wasn’t getting to sleep and he wanted to, so he thought that by using more, he would get to sleep faster, and maybe the same happened to Marilyn. She used more than she should for some reason… and when these horrible feelings that Depression brings to you, kicks in, the only thing you want is to control it, so you can have, at least 50% of peace, and in many cases, people take more, to make this happen and it is when things like this happen. I could see Marilyn, sadly, taking more than she could handle, and this, sadly, happening to her! Her death was ruled as suicide.


If you google Marilyn Monroe’s death, what you will see the most is people saying she was murdered. I know… The Kennedys… the powerful family nobody should mess with… that’s pretty disturbing, and I cannot affirm they wouldn’t be able, but that would also imply on seeing Marilyn as someone who got involved with both brothers. I never saw her as a bitch, and I will never as well, I am nobody to judge, I see her as one of my favorite Hollywood actresses, someone who spoke honest things and really wanted to be loved and accepted. We all make mistakes, so if she got involved with both of them, who am i to judge her? But this really leads to believe that maybe people aren’t wrong, once I strongly believe, that she didn’t kill herself, so I was left to wonder between Murder or accidental overdose and maybe I chose to believe that was accidental than believe that they could have been able of such thing. I know the world we live in and I also know that, just because I love the period from Victorian era to 1980s, it doesn’t mean people were saints back then, but still it makes my blood runs cold.

The sure of what happened, just Marilyn knows, but these are the theories for what might have happened to her. The only thing I am sure about, it’s that I love Marilyn, and I focus on the positive side of her life, funny and interesting facts that people didn’t know, like that she was a great cook and that one some people tried to recreate a recipe, that was easy for her, and they saw that as really difficult. That she loved reading, that she was generous with her money and her attention, that she helped a Ella about her career when nobody wanted to book her because she was black… so this is what I like to think, read and remember about Marilyn. But we can’t change the past, she is gone, and people will talk about how she was murdered by the Kennedys, or why she killed herself, or how she had an accidental overdose.

Ps: Have in mind that I fully respect the opinion that everybody may have about what really happened, which means, I don’t judge those who believe in the murder theory or the suicide theory.


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Marilyn Monroe and the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel

This story is going to be really interesting!

I said this before…I am fascinated with “ghosts stories” and things related to Supernatural, so often I am looking for stories like this on Hollywood and I have found many of them, but this one is surely interesting!

First, let’s go to the real information about this Hotel:

Roosevelt Hotel Hollywood


The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel is a historic hotel designed in the Spanish Colonial Revival style, located at 7000 Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California. Named after United States president Theodore Roosevelt and financed by a group including Douglas Fairbanks, Mary Pickford and Louis B. Mayer, it first opened its doors on May 15, 1927. It cost $2.5 million ($33.9 million in today’s money or dollars) to complete this twelve-story building, which holds 300 rooms and suites. It is now managed by Thompson Hotels.

The Roosevelt Hotel has, indeed, some stories about haunting, including Montgomery Clifft, Errol Flynn and Marilyn Monroe.

Now, here comes the main subject of this post, Marilyn Monroe.


It has been said that Marilyn’s ghost has been seen reflected on a full length mirror, that now seems to be located in the lobby of the hotel, which was originally located in her poolside Suite 1200, where Marilyn often stayed.

Here is a video of the mirror at the Roosevelt Hotel

Of course that, we can find other stories of people who have, supposedly, seen her ghost, but this one attracted more my attention due to the Hotel itself. It makes me wonder about all the stories and the people who stayed there since it opened its doors, so, I could possibly believe this… if I believed in Ghosts, but some people do in fact.

Usually when we think of Ghosts, we think about people who left before their right time, people with unfinished business (Thanks to Ghost movie, that I actually adore), and of course we all know that Marilyn left us way to soon, so much that there are many theories about what really happened to her, ranging from suicide, to accidental overdose and even Marilyn being murdered, but that’s a theme for another post.

Also, based on many stories that I’ve read, “ghosts” usually haunt the place where they passed away, in Marilyn’s case, her Brentwood residence, and guess what? People also said to have seen her there as well as at Westside Memorial Cemetery in Los Angeles, where she was buried.

The house where Marilyn lived and died was leased to Anna Nicole Smith, and reportedly, Anna slept in the same room where Marilyn was found, but I didn’t find anything related to Anna saying that she had seen Marilyn or felt her presence while she was there, but that she had allowed other Marilyn Monroe’s fans to see the house as well.

I must tell you that I, for sure, would stop by the Hotel to take a look at the mirror where they say that she shows up, but also, it has been said that she may be spotted on other places in the Hotel.

The sure about what happens we will only have when our time comes, but for now, I must say that I’ve never seen, any real proof that ghosts exist. I admit that I had some moments when I would feel cold out of nothing, or would leave a room because I felt like someone or something was behind me and that I would be scared at my cat staring at something that I couldn’t see, but other than these feelings, that possibly was only a product of my mind, once i am fully interested for these stories, I’ve never seen anything that actually could resemble a ghost.

I have spoken, on sunday, with a nice man who also is interested for the Old Hollywood and he told me that he lived in front of Mae West’s building, if I remember correctly, he even sent me a picture, that seemed to have been taken in that exact moment, and we discussed about Mae West and then the subject passed to Mary Pickford, Chaplin and a cinema, owned by Benicio Del Toro, where classic movies and classic cartoons were exhibited.

I was the one who mentioned about Marilyn Monroe “haunting” this Hotel, because it was a story that got stuck on my mind, and he knew about it, for he provided me the name of the Hotel immediately with “!!s” exclamation when I didn’t remember the name, but we didn’t discuss about it.

But of course… Hollywood, a place where imagination runs wild and ideas can come true, so we find many interesting stories, mainly about those who clearly will never be forgotten.


1837 to 1980 (Victorian Era/Hollywood)