Marilyn Monroe and the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel

This story is going to be really interesting!

I said this before…I am fascinated with “ghosts stories” and things related to Supernatural, so often I am looking for stories like this on Hollywood and I have found many of them, but this one is surely interesting!

First, let’s go to the real information about this Hotel:

Roosevelt Hotel Hollywood


The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel is a historic hotel designed in the Spanish Colonial Revival style, located at 7000 Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California. Named after United States president Theodore Roosevelt and financed by a group including Douglas Fairbanks, Mary Pickford and Louis B. Mayer, it first opened its doors on May 15, 1927. It cost $2.5 million ($33.9 million in today’s money or dollars) to complete this twelve-story building, which holds 300 rooms and suites. It is now managed by Thompson Hotels.

The Roosevelt Hotel has, indeed, some stories about haunting, including Montgomery Clifft, Errol Flynn and Marilyn Monroe.

Now, here comes the main subject of this post, Marilyn Monroe.


It has been said that Marilyn’s ghost has been seen reflected on a full length mirror, that now seems to be located in the lobby of the hotel, which was originally located in her poolside Suite 1200, where Marilyn often stayed.

Here is a video of the mirror at the Roosevelt Hotel

Of course that, we can find other stories of people who have, supposedly, seen her ghost, but this one attracted more my attention due to the Hotel itself. It makes me wonder about all the stories and the people who stayed there since it opened its doors, so, I could possibly believe this… if I believed in Ghosts, but some people do in fact.

Usually when we think of Ghosts, we think about people who left before their right time, people with unfinished business (Thanks to Ghost movie, that I actually adore), and of course we all know that Marilyn left us way to soon, so much that there are many theories about what really happened to her, ranging from suicide, to accidental overdose and even Marilyn being murdered, but that’s a theme for another post.

Also, based on many stories that I’ve read, “ghosts” usually haunt the place where they passed away, in Marilyn’s case, her Brentwood residence, and guess what? People also said to have seen her there as well as at Westside Memorial Cemetery in Los Angeles, where she was buried.

The house where Marilyn lived and died was leased to Anna Nicole Smith, and reportedly, Anna slept in the same room where Marilyn was found, but I didn’t find anything related to Anna saying that she had seen Marilyn or felt her presence while she was there, but that she had allowed other Marilyn Monroe’s fans to see the house as well.

I must tell you that I, for sure, would stop by the Hotel to take a look at the mirror where they say that she shows up, but also, it has been said that she may be spotted on other places in the Hotel.

The sure about what happens we will only have when our time comes, but for now, I must say that I’ve never seen, any real proof that ghosts exist. I admit that I had some moments when I would feel cold out of nothing, or would leave a room because I felt like someone or something was behind me and that I would be scared at my cat staring at something that I couldn’t see, but other than these feelings, that possibly was only a product of my mind, once i am fully interested for these stories, I’ve never seen anything that actually could resemble a ghost.

I have spoken, on sunday, with a nice man who also is interested for the Old Hollywood and he told me that he lived in front of Mae West’s building, if I remember correctly, he even sent me a picture, that seemed to have been taken in that exact moment, and we discussed about Mae West and then the subject passed to Mary Pickford, Chaplin and a cinema, owned by Benicio Del Toro, where classic movies and classic cartoons were exhibited.

I was the one who mentioned about Marilyn Monroe “haunting” this Hotel, because it was a story that got stuck on my mind, and he knew about it, for he provided me the name of the Hotel immediately with “!!s” exclamation when I didn’t remember the name, but we didn’t discuss about it.

But of course… Hollywood, a place where imagination runs wild and ideas can come true, so we find many interesting stories, mainly about those who clearly will never be forgotten.



Victorian Era hair memento


The Victorians usually kept the hair of the deceased and turned it into art (rings, earrings, brooches, necklaces…) an art that I particularly find interesting and beautiful, like this one:


Sometimes, they could even could go beyond this, like, in the case of a baby, where the grieving family could even end up keeping the infant body, wait for it to mummify and keep as a memento, like a doll actually, but I prefer don’t believe they acted like this often.

This love of mine for the Victorians made me start thinking about starting some collection, even that just a small one… or maybe… owning at least one or two items, original items from the Victorian Era.

Minutes ago I was reading a book that I recently bought: Smoke gets in your eyes and other lessons from the Crematory by Caitlin Doughty, and in one of the pages she mentioned the Victorians and how they would keep the hair of the deceased to turn into jewelry and that triggered in me a strong wish of owning one of these mementos.

I thought that by the type of the thing I wanted to buy, related to the size, like a ring, I would find affordable prices, then I googled it and was taken to Ebay, where this type of memento is worth from $300.00 up.

Converting to Euros, it would be something like 200 Euros, I think (I am not good with this kind of calculation), but still, order something online, with this price, we have to deal with many things. But on Ebay everything is like this, so I checked Amazon, but found nothing!

I know that, when we go after antiquities, we cannot expect something like, $10.00, of course now, would be naive of me thinking it so, but I really got surprised at the prices of rings, but again… we are talking about antiquities…. at least that’s what’s written there.

I didn’t give up on this, and I have the sure that, even if I take some time to buy it, being sure that I really want it and is really original from the Victorian Era and not something recently made and put for sale under the antiquity tag, It would still be available for purchase there, because only real collectors would spend such money, on something so small.

My mother also likes things from the Old Hollywood, but mostly movies, so she likes to see me researching things about Old Hollywood and other subjects, like the Victorian Era, but she doesn’t share my enthusiasm for, what she considers, Macabre, that’s the way the Victorians dealt with death and etc, so when I spoke to her about getting, at least one item dated of the Victorian times, she didn’t look radiant, for two reasons: 1) What I wanted to get and 2) Shopping online.

My experience with shopping online happened in 2012, I believe, when I ordered a big doll from Los Angeles, and the total of this purchase was really high, once it wasn’t a simple doll that I had ordered, so we had to wait a lot and pay taxes to be able to receive it and it delayed to come to me, and every day I was anxious and my mom started to worrying, so buy something so small, that costs about $300.00 of course that wouldn’t please her, because of the price, and also because of how long we would have to wait to receive, the taxes we would have to pay, if it was a trustworthy source and it the item was really dated the time they were saying.

She thinks I should go for books, but buy these online copies instead waiting for a book to be delivered at home, and also keep my internet research. She is a great supporter of my hunger for knowledge actually, never complains about books and the times i spend in front of the computer, searching and writing down everything that interests me to read many times.

I would like to have, at least 1 item, but the price really isn’t that attractive, plus all this worry (Never shopped on Ebay).

Have a ring from the Victorian Era…a friend told me that probably everything related to the Victorian Era on Ebay is a copy, not the original thing, and maybe she is right. I don’t understand about these collectors, or people who inherited something like this putting them available on Ebay and etc… but I also cannot say that’s not truth because I know that we can find many celebrity items on Ebay, but I think great part of these things take place on auctions out of Ebay.

That requires my attention to make sure of everything before involving some money, of course… if it’s original from the Victorian Era… I can understand the price a little bit, but if it’s not, if it’s fabricated based on the Victorian Era’s mementos… of course it’s not worth it… would be easier i make one myself inspired on this.

Was Elvis Presley racist?

So, here I go again with another post related to racism claims about these artists, this time about the king of Rock.

Why I decided to write this post? Well, as I said, I am a girl born from interracial relationship, and I was caught unaware last week, when I posted a song from Elvis on my profile and I received a comment asking me why I liked Elvis once he was racist towards my race.

That infuriated me! Just like the case of Marilyn Monroe.

I feel I cannot write this post without using some words I have used when I wrote about Marilyn Monroe.

That time, we all know, the racism was still intense, but still we had many black artists getting really famous and etc.

When Elvis first played on the radio, I read that people called the station asking why they were putting songs from a black man. during his childhood Elvis listened to music by Black musicians, he was influenced by them.

There is a rumor that says that, Elvis was quoted saying: “The only thing a black person can do for me is shine my shoes and buy my discs”, and there is a modified version that says: “I wouldn’t let a black person even shine my shoes”.

Reporters weren’t different by that time from how they are now, many of them will make up stories to sell more newspaper without caring for anything else.

Anything that led Elvis’ name was a good deal, we all know this, so of course that with such fame, he had to deal with a lot as well.

People should know this, but dealing with the fact that during that time we knew how things were for black people, even those who were famous, and the fact Elvis was white and was singing what Black people used to sing (Some people claim he stole this from the black community), people who don’t like him, or want to justify this dislike prefer to believe that he actually said that, when he didn’t!

If you Google: “Was Elvis Presley Racist?”, you will see many pages talking about it. Pages exposing the truth and pages exposing lies.

If you also go on images, you will see pictures of Elvis with many black people, just like Marilyn Monroe. You may even say: “to pose with black people doesn’t mean he wasn’t racist! He may have done that for promotion, to get more fans instead losing”, but I don’t believe this, mainly during that time, and mainly Elvis being labeled as the King! He was the number one, everywhere he would go, people would follow, girls would scream, faint over him, guys would want to be like him… he was the king literally, so I don’t think he thought this way because nobody basically could bring him down, nobody could beat him.

I don’t know why some people prefer to rely on ignorance instead really looking for the truth about someone or something. It won’t cost you anything and will enrich you. Knowledge is never too much. You don’t judge an artist based on what a newspaper or a reporter said.

I often say that: if you will believe in everything you read, better don’t read at all! People can grab a pencil and write whatever they want, words can easily be twisted, removed or added to a phrase, mainly when this phrase comes from someone with notoriety like Elvis, Marilyn and others.

Yes! I like Elvis! I like the fact that he came from a not so privileged background and he worked to change this! I love the love and respect he had for his mother, I love his music, I love his style and it saddens me the fact such great musician died the way he did, the fact that he was surrounded by people who literally only liked what he could offer, what they could achieve.

Nobody is forced to like someone, that’s a fact, but why you dislike someone based on something, someone wrote and that’s far from the truth? What’s the point on this? If you don’t like Elvis, that’s your choice, just like I don’t like to be in the year of 2015 when I preferred to be in 1920s or something,  but if you won’t like Elvis, let it be due to facts, not lies about him.

And most importantly, you don’t have the right to judge and condemn a person because this person likes him as well.

How many books are available about Elvis? how many fan pages? how many documentaries? Why not sit down and take a look at them to know more about him, to hear the truth about him instead being guided by some misleading information?

I don’t know everything about him, Of course now, I still need read more books, watch some documentaries and etc, but I know good enough that this rumor about him isn’t truth!


This is basically my last post containing this theme, because I am basically repeating myself on this and God knows how many old Hollywood actors and actresses and musicians were labeled as racists without being, so just take these words, if you read my blog, in account when you come to face a theme like this, because that’s the truth 🙂

Robert Johnson

So, this time I will talk about a Blues musician, what’s also part of the main theme of my blog due to the time where this happened!

I am not exactly into Blues… I love artists like: Elvis Presley and others, but never exactly had some particular interest on Blues… until I heard about Mr. Johnson.

The first time i heard of him, it was on a small report during a tv show i was watching at night, they talked about Johnson as a musician and the legend surrounding him,

In case you don’t know about him or this, it has been said that Robert, made a pact with the devil in order to be able to play guitar and get famous.

He went till a crossroad, where the Devil himself, tuned his guitar and after that, he was able to play the most amazing musics that gave him fame.

Robert didn’t live long enough, but his music make reference to this, what led people to think it so.

I am a Supernatural show fan, I have 3 seasons of it, and one of them features an episode based on Robert Johnson, here Dean explains Sam about Robert and the “supposed pact” he made with the Devil. The episode also shows how things may have happened, and says that he died when hellhounds came for him.

Of course I don’t believe this 😛 But still, this legend made me have this interest on Robert.

Maybe it was in 2011 that I searched for him, for the first time, I cannot remember correctly, but it was on Wikipedia, and after that, I listened to some songs of him, to understand and see what it was really about.

He was born on May 8, 1911 (I was born on May 9) as Robert Leroy Johnson, and he passed away on August 6, 1938. He basically got famous by 1936, what gives more fuel to the legend, once he died in 1938.

We sadly don’t find much information about his life and death, what’s really a shame, but gives people more to wonder about actually.

He also died at the age of 27! Now, I am sure you know about the 27 Club, featuring many rock musicians dead at the age of 27… So this really dates from a long time. I almost had a heart attack when I found out he passed away at this age too… this club is too strange yet fascinating.

that’s the legend: “according to a legend, as a young man living on a plantation in rural Mississippi, Robert Johnson was braded with burning desire to become a great blues musician. He was instructed to take his guitar to a crossroad near Dockery Plantation at midnight. There he was met by a large black man (actually the devil), who took his guitar and tuned it. The devil played a few songs and then returned the guitar to Johnson, giving him mastery of the instrument. This was in effect, a deal with the devil mirroring the legend of Faust,. In Exchange for his soul, Robert was able to create the blues for which he became famous”

There are some theories for his death, but one of the most known is that he was poisoned by the owner of a bar. It has been said that he had been flirting with this man’s wife.

nobody knows where is is actually buried, there are three different markers for him at a church cemeteries outside Greenwood.

A research in 1980s suggests that he is buried in a graveyard of the Mount Zion Missionary Baptist Church near Morgan City, in Mississippi, not far from Greenwood, in an unmarked grave. An one ton cenotaph, in the shape of an obelisk listing all Johnson’s’ song titles, with a central inscription by Peter Guralnick was placed at this location in 1990s, paid for by Columbia Records and numerous smaller contributions made through at the Mt.Zion Memorial Fund.

I always felt like, if I lived in the US, I would want to run a search on Johnson, to try find out more about him. That’s really a very interesting story, not only because of this legend, but because of his talent as well, that nobody can deny.


The main source, at least his burial site, date of birth and death I got from Wikipedia. Unfortunately my internet is slow in the moment, but I remember well the details of this report I watched, even though they focuses more on this legend about him, and Gosh.. I love Supernatural, happy they mentioned him on this episode, I think it is called “Crossroad blues”.

My search for Robert Johnson will continue for sure, I will check more web pages and see if I can find more mentions even if I have to check all books about that time Blues and etc, so probably there will be another post of mine related to him.



*Robert Johnson blues foundation

Evelyn Francis McHale

Have you ever heard of Evelyn Francis McHale? Until last year, I hadn’t either.
Searching through articles about important events from 1940s, for my notebook, I came across an article that took my breath away. It read: “The most beautiful suicide”.
I checked the article because of the date it had taken place, and I found out about Evelyn McHale.
This lady, jumped to her death on May 1, 1947 from the observatory deck of the Empire States Building. She was 23 years-old.
Now, one would ask, why someone’s suicide, would be labeled as “The most beautiful”? Well, it as because of the way her body was found.
Evelyn’s body was found “resting” on the top of a limousine, and even though her death was violent, her body seemed to be in perfect shape, as if she was merely sleeping, with her ankles crossed, and a serene expression on her face.
The picture was taken by a street photography student, few minutes after the impact.
Few is known about Evelyn, and I only found 2 pictures of her, but I have found these information:
She was born on September 20, 1923 in California. She was the sixth or seventh child of Vicent and Helen McHale. After high School, she joined the Army Corps and was stationed in Missouri, and after she served it, she moved to New York to live with some relatives and started working as a bookkeeper with an engraving company. It was when she became engaged to a man named Barry Rhodes, a college student and they set to get married in June 1947 in Troy, New York. It has been said that she visited her Fiancée on April 30th to celebrate his 24th Birthday, and that on May 1st, she boarded a train back to NYC. Her fiancée stated that she kissed him good-bye and that she looked normal as any other girl. But Evelyn, as soon as she arrived in NY, she wrote a suicide letter and before 10:30am, she bought a ticket for the 86th Floor observation deck of Empire State Building, from where she jumped. Her letter also read that she didn’t want anybody from her family or out of it, to see her body, and that she wanted to be cremated, and that she also didn’t want any ceremony or remembrance for her. And then her letter continued about her opinion of not being able to be a good wife for her fiancée or any other person. She also mentioned her father saying that she had a lot of her mother’s tendencies.
Her body was identified by her sister and was cremated, and there is no grave.

When I found this story, I started to write it down on my notebook, but still, I will try to provide, at the bottom of this post, links to where you can find the story, and hopefully, I will find the original post, from where I wrote it down on my notebook.
Evenly wasn’t the only person who jumped from the Empire States Building, but for sure her story is the one that has been more reported due to the picture taken by this photographer.
I thought about including the picture on this post, but I am not sure if people under 18 years old, check my blog, so I opted for leaving it out of it, so people can decide if they want to see or not, but I can say that the picture isn’t strong compared to what comes in our minds related to a death like this, but still it is very sad. The impression you will have, if of someone merely sleeping on the top of the car, you don’t see blood or anything that could be seen as gruesome, by someone, but still, I opted for leaving it up to you, if you want to see or not.
The report also said, that when they removed her, her body literally “Fell  apart”, what could be expected, but still, the picture of Evelyn is something that makes you wonder a lot of things.

2015-01-19 12.10.47 2015-01-19 12.11.08

We cannot read the article, I am sorry, I couldn’t find a better resolution for this, but these are surely about her.

Link 1:

Link 2:

Link 3 (From where I obtained great part of the story):


Evenly McHale’s song


And here is for precaution, because we never know who is checking our blogs and what’s going through their lives and heads, so take a time to show some sort of support is always a good:

The sims 3: Clara Bow

Something you guys don’t know about me: I am a Simmer since 2011.

That’s something I wouldn’t talk about because it has nothing to do with the theme of my blog itself, but since I came across this (That I am going to show you in few seconds) I decided to mention this and share this with you guys.

Googling Clara Bow, I came across this beautiful Sim:

personally, I think she is pretty and makes justice to Clara, I don’t know if you guys agree with me on this, but I am fascinated!

There are sims for Marilyn Monroe as well, but this one really got my attention.

I don’t know if you guys play this game as well, but I am sharing this as a matter of art, because create a sim based on someone else isn’t easy at all, believe me, but also because, if someone else plays this game, like me, this sim is available for download HERE. But you have to have an account to be able to get her, without paying anything.

I am downloading her, and I will try to show her on my game, but don’t worry, I won’t turn my blog about Old hollywood into something else!

Thank you for stopping by, and have a great day!

1837 to 1980 (Victorian Era/Hollywood)