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Hollywood Beach Beauties: Sea Sirens, Sun Goddesses, and Summer Style 1930-1970

I had posted before, along with some photos of Marilyn that I hadn’t seen before,about a new book about her.

I had read the info on Twitter, turns out that this book features photos of many actresses by the beach, including Marilyn.

I have to say that still I am interested on It, though. 🙂

Here’s the description and below, the link for purchase on Amazon:

A glamorous and nostalgic celebration of the summer through stunning retro photographs of Hollywood beauties

The author of the acclaimed photo compilations Vegas Gold, Hollywood in Kodachrome, Marilyn Monroe: Metamorphosis, and Audrey: The 60s, now presents a glamorous and nostalgic celebration of summer at the beach, captured in 150 stunning vintage photographs featuring beloved female celebrities, models, and starlets from the 1930s through the 1970s.

Renowned independent curator and photographic preservationist David Wills commemorates the allure and joy of the sun, the sand, the ocean, and the fashions of endless summer with this sizzling collection. Hollywood Beach Beauties includes more than one-hundred vibrant color images of some of Hollywood’s most timeless stars lounging and playing at one of the most iconic settings: the beach.

Hollywood Beach Beauties highlights the sexy, carefree attitude of the summer, the elegant seaside couture, and the enchanting and alluring beauty of the female form. Included here are candid and stylish photographs featuring stars of yesterday such as Elizabeth Taylor, Rita Hayworth, Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, Brigitte Bardot, Sharon Tate, Raquel Welch, Sophia Loren, Dorothy Dandridge, and Nancy Sinatra.

A treasure trove for classic movie mavens, vintage photography enthusiasts, and pop culture aficionados, this stunning theme-driven compendium taps into nostalgia for the joys of summer and captures the dazzling beauty of the seaside and some of the most stylish stars of the big screen in a fresh, unique, and captivating way.

Link for the purchase of the book:

Marilyn Monroe at rest

It’s been quite a time, so I really felt I should work on this post after I saw some people sharing these pictures….downloadfile

images-1 images

on groups about Marilyn Monroe stating that it was a photo of Marilyn during her funeral.

Well… I guess that’s pretty obvious that’s not truth, but some people still share it claiming it is.

This is a painted bronze sculpture of Marilyn in her casket entitled: At Rest, by Italian artist Paolo Schmidlin.The work presents the actress in the green dress and scarf she was buried in, complete with a veil covering her open coffin.

There is no picture of Marilyn Monroe’s open casket funeral. We all have seen the picture of Marilyn at the morgue, but we also know that Joe Dimaggio didn’t invite those from Hollywood to Marilyn’s funeral, that only family and close friends, in the total, 31 mourner, were there, and obviously he wouldn’t have allowed her body to be photographed.

I googled this and I found this related to what exactly happened during her funeral: “Joe DiMaggio, grief-stricken ex-husband of Marilyn Monroe, leaned over her casket Wednesday, kissed her lips and whispered ‘I love you, I love you”. The famed Yankee Clipper didn’t recover his composure after the chapel ceremonies for the beautiful blonde actress and wept as he followed her body to its crypt. As beautiful in death as in life, the actress lay in an open bronze casket during the non-denominational rites, wearing a simple green sheath dress and a green scarf around her neck. In her hand was a tiny bouquet of baby pink roses put there by DiMaggio. There were only 31 invited mourners at the services in the Westwood Memorial Park Chapel, at 1218 Glendon Ave, Westwood, but a crowd of 500 movie fans and representatives of the press – reminiscent of the masses that appeared whenever the glamorous star ventured into public life – gathered outside the cemetery, along on of its walls and on rooftops.”


If you Google “Marilyn Monroe in her casket” you will surely find these pictures, but you also will find the site: Snopes, saying that it’s false.

Regarding the sculpture, its creator, Paolo Schmidlin, said: “Even the most photographed woman in the world – such as an icon immortal Marilyn Monroe – there is a final image ending its short earthly parable and that could give meaning to this brief life. That’s why i wanted to represent it even as she rests in her coffin, in silence, finally at peace. The passions and sorrows of the world already so far away”

(Here you can read the article and see more pictures of the statue as well: