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Remembering Marilyn.

It’s been 55 years since the world lost Marilyn and we all know there will never be someone like her ever again.
Incredible missed and forever remembered. 🌷💕





3 special pictures of Marilyn

These are some photos from the very beginning of her career, when she was modeling.
I remember seeing these pictures on a book years ago, and I found them absolutely adorable.
I believe she would have been a great mother, its just sad this didn’t happen.




From late 1953 until the spring of 1955, Marilyn spent most weekends at the Greenes’ cabin in Connecticut. According to Joshua Greene, she was ‘the perfect house guest’. ‘She read and she went to dancing lessons. She didn’t expect my parents to entertain her at all.

Sometimes she would even babysit – I had this trick  of sliding down the banister into her  room, and leaping on to the bed. She would tickle me and then I’d do it all over again.  It was a charming time.’ Joshua believes this normal family life gave Marilyn the security she had always longed for.


Forever Remembered


53 years ago the world lost Marilyn Monroe… on the physical aspect, for she continues to inspire, amaze and entertain many people still.
Marilyn is immortal for she will never be forgotten, we all know about her, during my childhood I first heard her name and never forgot about it and now I am proudly one of her fans.
It’s really sad that her life was cut short, but we must celebrate the fact that we all had her presence, celebrate her life and now we all have ways to remember her and make sure she will always keep being remembered as the time goes by.

Phone Art for Marilyn.


A small phone art that I created for Marilyn.
Mostly I am on my smartphone instead of being on Photoshop, so this app is something that I love on my phone because it makes possible for me to use these beautiful stickers and beautiful filters as well.
This filter is my favorite and its called 1986 (date of my birth, by the way) 🙂
Sometimes my internet is not fast enough so when it gets this fast the first thing that I do is take some pictures that I have on my folder and work on this app.
Play with filters and with some stickers maybe sometimes add some frame… And Marilyn pictures are those I have worked the most.

Marilyn Monroe Ballerina Art


marilyn (1)

When it comes about pictures of Marilyn, it’s always difficult to say which one is my favorite once there are so many beautiful pictures of her, and she is the actress that I like creating designs the most, but I can say that her “Ballerina” photo-shoot, is one of those who I really like to admire the most, so much that I made two edits using two of these pictures.

This first one I worked as request from a friend, and I kept to myself as well because I want to turn into a portrait, maybe the one I will take to leave at her resting place,still am not sure.

This one…

marilyn (2)

I made after an inspiration that I had of some arts representing angels, and I made the same theme with James Dean, for another friend one mine.

This one, my mom and some friends liked the most because, like I intended, looks really angelical… heavenly, and I thought about, maybe, using this one to leave at her resting place instead the first one.

One word can’t describe Marilyn, but I tend to see her as angelical and fragile, even though she surely was a strong and intelligent woman, who quoted that she wasn’t an angel or saint, but she had this angelical beauty, and this is how I like to work on arts for her, this is how I like to see her, because of this angelical beauty that she had outside, and also inside.