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Remembering Jean Harlow

Remembering one of my favorite actresses ever today.
Jean passed away on this date 80 years ago, at the age of 26.
Forever remembered. 🌹



Remembering Jean Harlow 79 years after

Today marks 79 years since Jean left us.
A big talent interrupted too soon.
As part of the day, by night i will watch 2 movies i got with her and also some documentaries, but right now, i would like to share some pictures  have I found, that i hadn’t seen before.

Never forgotten, Jean 💗





4 rare pictures of Jean Harlow





I found these pictures some weeks ago and saved them on my phone, but I went “hunting”, for some pictures of Grace Kelly and ended up forgetting about these of Jean.
These pictures, at least for me, are rare because I hadn’t seen them before, so wanted to share them in case other people still hadn’t seen them.
They’ve been added to my folder about Jean, which I plan to keep forever and try to create a wallart with some of them.

Jean Harlow’s death


My interest for Jean Harlow began not a long time ago when I first saw a picture of her while exploring the Old Hollywood actresses.

The first thing that caught my attention, it was how beautiful she was and the sad fact that she tragically passed away aged 26.

Without Jean Harlow, there wouldn’t be a Marilyn Monroe?

Marilyn said that Jean Harlow was her idol, and Jean was the first platinum blonde.

She fascinated everybody, from Hollywood to the public and it wasn’t difficult to understand why. The men loved her, the women wanted to be her.

She really reached the stardom, the stardom that her mother wanted to have, but never got, but for that, Jean had to heavily diet to maintain her figure, suffered from allergic reactions to the heavy studio make up she had to wear, she worked Monday through Saturday and sometimes, 20 hours a day, and on Sunday, she would have to go to the beauty parlor to dye her hair to platinum blonde. But from all of these things, what she hated the most was the fact that people couldn’t separate her from her sexy roles.

On Red-headed woman, Jean changed her platinum blonde signature, to red. At first she had hated the script, but she had played “tramps” before… the difference was that, this time, her character was required to sleep with 5 of her male co-stars.

At the age of 22 Harlow had arrived to stay. She was one of Mgm’s most beloved actresses, making $4.000.00 a week.

And at the age of 26, an age where most are just beginning her career, her stardom was securing her future and limitless, but it was all about to end, as suddenly as it began.

In 1934 Harlow fell that she had found the greater love of her life, actor William Powell.

Harlow had dated Powell since before co-starred in Reckless, but he was old enough to be her father and resembled him. She even called him “pappi”

William was sophisticated, he’s been married to beautiful blonde comedienne Carolyn Burke.

Powell already experience the problems of being married to a woman who America wanted to sleep with and as a result, he wasn’t willing to do it again.

In 1935 Powell gave Harlow a 98 carrot star sapphire ring as a token of his affection. But he made it clear it wasn’t an engagement ring. Despite his love for her, Powell, was not about to marry Jean Harlow, but what she wanted the most, it was to marry Powell

By 1937 Jean Harlow had finally won respect of her fans and film industry.

Women identified with her and men loved her. She combined physically beauty with a natural style and redefined movie acting.

But she was desperately unhappy. For the first time in her life, Harlow couldn’t get the man she wanted.

In the spring of 1937 Harlow began filming Saratoga, a horse racing story and her fourth pairing with Clark Gable. It would be her last picture.

Early in 1937 she fell ill with influenza, which caused delays on her working schedules. 

The influenza weakened her against a much more seriously illness: kidney disease. No one knew it, but Jean Harlow was dying. As result, in some scenes the public would see she looking bloated due to her deteriorating health.

The sign of kidney failure was already appearing, including the loss of appetite.

On May 29, 1937, Harlow collapsed on the set of Saratoga and she was carried to her home. Contrary the legend, she received intensive medical care, despite her mother’s Christian science policy… Nonetheless, her condition worsened, and on Sunday, June 6, she was rushed to hospital. Jean Harlow died on the following morning at 11:13am. She was 26 years-old.


The nation was stunned by the sudden loss. 

Harlow’s funeral at Forest Lawn was an “All star” MGM production.

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Harlow was laid to rest in the same negligee she had worn in the same scenes we saw her on Saratoga.

The studio planned to shut Saratoga, but after Harlow’s tragic death her fans and theater owner wouldn’t allow and MGM used a double to her unfinished scenes.

Saratoga quickly became the studio’s most successful film of the year and the biggest money maker of Harlow’s career.

Despite her sudden death at the age of 26, Jean Harlow has been immortalized on film.

She was an original in the distinct art of screen acting, and she was so natural and so casual that it was easier to look at her heart.

For beyond the legend, scandal or mystery of Jean Harlow is her work.

A legacy which transcends time and remains as she was, as she is, forever young.