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Buster Keaton – The Art of the Gag

In loving memory of Buster Keaton, who passed away on this date 52 years ago.
A genius forever remembered ❤


Remembering Rudy 💖

So… Today marks 91 years since we lost Rudolph Valentino.
Rudolph became my favorite actor from the Old Hollywood so today isn’t a light day for me.
He died 91 years ago and I am 31 years old, so I am asked how I get this sad when this date comes… Some people capture your attention and admiration in the first moment you see them, it doesn’t matter if they are still alive or gone a long time, and Rudolph, like Marilyn and Lillian, did this to me.
Today is the date I wanted to go till where he’s resting to take some flowers, but won’t be possible for me to do this today, sadly, so I will spend the hours I will have left reading his poem books and buy some flowers in his memory.
Clearly he was a talent gone too soon and unexpectedly.
I am thankful for all the videos of him that have been uploaded on YouTube, so I can download them and always have with me, and I am also thankful that the world could have had him, even that for only 31 years.

Forever remembered, Rudy! 💖🌹

Remembering Vivien Leigh



Today marks 50 years of Vivien’s passing.
She’s probably most remembered due to her role in Gone with the Wind as Scarlett O’Hara, for which she won an Academy Awards for Best Actress for her performances as Scarlett O’Hara in Gone with the Wind (1939) and Blanche DuBois in the film version of A Streetcar Named Desire (1951), a role she had also played on stage in London’s West End in 1949. She also won a Tony Award for her work in the Broadway musical version of Tovarich (1963).

Agatha Christie


Talking about my love for the Victorian Era I had decided to make a list of the writers of that time so I could go after their books and few weeks ago I was gifted by my mother 2 books of Agatha Christie: The Hollow and a Caribbean Mystery.
I started with The Hollow because the name attracted my attention more than the other one and currently I am on the 25th chapter, page 207, already anxious to start with the second book my mother gave me, but going by parts.
I am a bookworm, so every book I read I feel like suggesting, and despite I didn’t finish The Hollow yet, I can say that’s such a great book that you literally can’t think about doing anything else if you have it in your hands.
You sit down to read it and say to yourself that you will dedicate your focus to it for 30 minutes, because you need to share your time among other things during that day, and literally 1 hour and 30 minutes later you are still sitting there, totally focused on it. That’s me! And that’s worth it!
I hadn’t added Agatha to my list of writers so it was another great surprise for me to find out that she belonged to this era when my mother gave me these books and beside the stories itself, this fact made me start checking for other books that she wrote.
I also found out that my mother had read some books of Agatha, and even gave me suggestions about other books that she wrote that I might like, maybe that’s why she decided to buy these 2 and gift me, we don’t find them often at local bookstores and order online can be stressing, so she had the chance and grabbed it and for that, I am grateful. Best gifts? Books, of course, at least for me.
Want to finish this book by Sunday, maybe even Saturday, so I can kill my curiosity once for all about who the murderer is (I didn’t Google it and neither will check my blog during these days because there is a troll who seems to be in love with my blog, to make sure i will find out who killed John like I must find  out, going till the end with the book).
This far, not one disappointment with this book and neither will I ever have one every time I grab a book by Agatha.
So, this is literally two suggestions: the novelist and the book.
Totally worth it!

Remembering Rudolph Valentino


Remembering Rudolph Valentino today. He passed away 90 years ago at the age of 31. He was considered one of the most beloved Old Hollywood stars and the day he died, it was dubbed as “The day Hollywood wept”. 🌹

(May 6, 1895 – August 23, 1926), Rudolph was an Italian-born American actor who starred in several well-known silent films including The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, The Sheik, Blood and Sand, The Eagle, and The Son of the Sheik. An early pop icon, a sex symbol of the 1920s, he was known as the “Latin lover” or simply as “Valentino.” He had applied for American citizenship shortly before his death, which occurred at age 31, causing mass hysteria among his female fans and further propelling him into iconic status.

Proud mother

Can you believe it will be 90 years without #RudolphValentino next week? My mom still likes him while i got heavily fascinated for him recently.
We talked about how he was still famous by the 1960s and how he was still known as a Silver screen major idol.
My mom and i talk a lot about Old Hollywood, what helps me on this subject, have someone to discuss about Old Hollywood, learn more about the biggest names and also movies.
She fully supports and helps me on this matter, she also feels happier for seeing me watching more Old Hollywood classics then nowadays movies.
She loves musicals more than i do, though.