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In loving memory of Michael Landon

Today marks 27 years without Michael Landon 💔
Forever remembered and cherished!


A young Rudolph Valentino

I found this picture on my phone when I was cleaning It (getting rid of photos I had already posted on other accounts) and I thought to myself: how could I have forgotten It?

Weeks ago I was downloading some photos of Rudy when I came across this one.

My jaw dropped! “Omg… That’s so adorable!” I thought to myself in awe that I hadn’t seen this photo before of his childhood.

I do feel it is Rudy, so much I am posting here stating that’s him, but if by any chance it’s not (what I doubt) Please, let me know.

I try to keep this blog with real facts, but once in a while mistakes are made, so I do my best to correct as soon as they are pointed out to me.

Anyway…. Enjoy this photo as much as i did 😍


When you are so interested in the past that the magazines that you read are from the 1920s…..

I got some Photoplay magazines recently, actually…… i started collecting quite some time ago, and i decided to post some articles from them.

Everything about them is wonderful through my eyes… the photos, the way they wrote, the stories they published, the ads.. I tell you… I have them in digital version, but I will start looking for people (trustworthy people) who are selling them, because i really would love to have them in my hands and start collecting them.

I chose to share this one first, because i noticed Roscoe “Fatty” Arbuckle on the article, and it’s the first time I am seeing something about him on the magazines that I got.



             Screen impressions by Louise Fazenda


Louise Glaum: Robert Hichen’s heroines – White Lotus – Peacock feathers – Incense and myrrh – smoke of opium – Futurism – spider webs on a white rose.

Bebe Daniels: California poppies – chime of old mission bells – “La Paloma”- Odor of crushed flowers in warm lanes.

Doris Keane: Sunlight thru stained glass on marble – miniatures- Magnolias- Pressed flowers – Minuets on the spinet.

Ethel Clayton: Young widows alone in Egypt – “Divorcons”- Dinner at Rector’s – Palm Beach – White parasols on board-walks.

Dorothy Dalton: Hollyhocks and peonies – Alexandria – Cleopatra on the Yukon – Waters of Lethe.

Shirley Mason: Raindrops on violets – An Echo – Little girls in party dresses – “Madame Butterfly”

Vivian Martin: The first long skirt – Gardens on sunny morning – A pink rose on a grey bonnet – Mauvis.

Roscoe Arbuckle: Lollypops – Spanked babies – Blimps – The man in the moon.

Theodore Roberts: Southern Colonels “reminiscing” in mint beds – King Lear in a three-ring circus – “David Harum” – Lost in collar buttons