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Remembering Jean Harlow

On this date, 81 years ago the world lost Jean Harlow: a great talent and one of the Old Hollywood most beloved actresses.
She had become one of the biggest movie stars in the world by the late 1930s, often nicknamed the “Blonde Bombshell” and the “Platinum Blonde”; she was also popular for her “Laughing Vamp” movie persona.
The American Film Institute ranked her as the 22nd greatest female star of classic Hollywood cinema.
She was only 26 years old when she passed away during the 1937 filming of Saratoga. The film was completed using body doubles. 🎥💔

A young Rudolph Valentino

I found this picture on my phone when I was cleaning It (getting rid of photos I had already posted on other accounts) and I thought to myself: how could I have forgotten It?

Weeks ago I was downloading some photos of Rudy when I came across this one.

My jaw dropped! “Omg… That’s so adorable!” I thought to myself in awe that I hadn’t seen this photo before of his childhood.

I do feel it is Rudy, so much I am posting here stating that’s him, but if by any chance it’s not (what I doubt) Please, let me know.

I try to keep this blog with real facts, but once in a while mistakes are made, so I do my best to correct as soon as they are pointed out to me.

Anyway…. Enjoy this photo as much as i did 😍