Arts and Requests

Art is one of the things I really enjoying spending my time on, mainly drawing and working on photoshop and recently, painting as well, so I came with the idea of start selling some things I work on.
I have never done this before, great part of the things I work on, I do mostly as a hobby, but I have obseved some people on a group I am member and they sell this type of arts too, from drawings via E-mail, to big paintings on a determined place, so I thought… it would be good to start doing this too.
I had added a “donate” button on this blog because I wanted to make some money writing, that’s one of the things I love doing, and even though some of you donated, what actually surprised me, I won’t lie, I felt strange because I wasn’t providing anything really worth of money, so that was another reason that made me decide to work on some things and put for sale.
I am formed as Graphic Designer, but I never exactly used this diploma, I work on something else, and now I see that what really attracts my interest is everything related to Arts.

1) Great part of the things I work on are related to the Old Hollywood.These things include: coloring a black and white picture, making a different version of a certain picture and montages, like some you can see under the tag “My art”.
2) If you want something, like for example, a picture of you and, let’s say… Marilyn Monroe, or something else, you can get in touch with me and tell me about it. You can also message me the picture you want me to use. Also, if you want some picture retouched, I can do this as well.
3) every art I put for sale, you can find under the same tag (For sale) on this blog, together wih the price, so if you are interested, you get in touch with me with the name of the post.
3) Related to the price: I am new on this, like i said, just now I started selling some arts of mine, and some of them were for some friends, like for example, montages they requested with some celebrity, and some things I’ve worked on. The last thing I want, is to charge an exorbitant price for something, so I decided that, of course it can be negotitable. If I put a price on an art and you feel interested, but you think that’s too much, I am open for discussion, but I don’t have plans charging like for example $20 for something
4) The way of paying is paypal, and I will send to you the art to the Email you got in touch with me through. The art will be watermark free, of course, but I will add my name discretely on it. You will be able to frame it, or turn into a mobile case or anything you may have in mind.

Soon, when I improve my painting skills, I shall join ETSY, and start selling my paintings, just like the one I made of Marilyn Monroe (my first tentative), among other things related to my favorite theme, of course.

Anything else, I am also on Twitter, Instagram, google plus and Tumblr.

Thank you for stopping by and have a great day!



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