Marilyn Monroe and the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel

This story is going to be really interesting!

I said this before…I am fascinated with “ghosts stories” and things related to Supernatural, so often I am looking for stories like this on Hollywood and I have found many of them, but this one is surely interesting!

First, let’s go to the real information about this Hotel:

Roosevelt Hotel Hollywood


The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel is a historic hotel designed in the Spanish Colonial Revival style, located at 7000 Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California. Named after United States president Theodore Roosevelt and financed by a group including Douglas Fairbanks, Mary Pickford and Louis B. Mayer, it first opened its doors on May 15, 1927. It cost $2.5 million ($33.9 million in today’s money or dollars) to complete this twelve-story building, which holds 300 rooms and suites. It is now managed by Thompson Hotels.

The Roosevelt Hotel has, indeed, some stories about haunting, including Montgomery Clifft, Errol Flynn and Marilyn Monroe.

Now, here comes the main subject of this post, Marilyn Monroe.


It has been said that Marilyn’s ghost has been seen reflected on a full length mirror, that now seems to be located in the lobby of the hotel, which was originally located in her poolside Suite 1200, where Marilyn often stayed.

Here is a video of the mirror at the Roosevelt Hotel

Of course that, we can find other stories of people who have, supposedly, seen her ghost, but this one attracted more my attention due to the Hotel itself. It makes me wonder about all the stories and the people who stayed there since it opened its doors, so, I could possibly believe this… if I believed in Ghosts, but some people do in fact.

Usually when we think of Ghosts, we think about people who left before their right time, people with unfinished business (Thanks to Ghost movie, that I actually adore), and of course we all know that Marilyn left us way to soon, so much that there are many theories about what really happened to her, ranging from suicide, to accidental overdose and even Marilyn being murdered, but that’s a theme for another post.

Also, based on many stories that I’ve read, “ghosts” usually haunt the place where they passed away, in Marilyn’s case, her Brentwood residence, and guess what? People also said to have seen her there as well as at Westside Memorial Cemetery in Los Angeles, where she was buried.

The house where Marilyn lived and died was leased to Anna Nicole Smith, and reportedly, Anna slept in the same room where Marilyn was found, but I didn’t find anything related to Anna saying that she had seen Marilyn or felt her presence while she was there, but that she had allowed other Marilyn Monroe’s fans to see the house as well.

I must tell you that I, for sure, would stop by the Hotel to take a look at the mirror where they say that she shows up, but also, it has been said that she may be spotted on other places in the Hotel.

The sure about what happens we will only have when our time comes, but for now, I must say that I’ve never seen, any real proof that ghosts exist. I admit that I had some moments when I would feel cold out of nothing, or would leave a room because I felt like someone or something was behind me and that I would be scared at my cat staring at something that I couldn’t see, but other than these feelings, that possibly was only a product of my mind, once i am fully interested for these stories, I’ve never seen anything that actually could resemble a ghost.

I have spoken, on sunday, with a nice man who also is interested for the Old Hollywood and he told me that he lived in front of Mae West’s building, if I remember correctly, he even sent me a picture, that seemed to have been taken in that exact moment, and we discussed about Mae West and then the subject passed to Mary Pickford, Chaplin and a cinema, owned by Benicio Del Toro, where classic movies and classic cartoons were exhibited.

I was the one who mentioned about Marilyn Monroe “haunting” this Hotel, because it was a story that got stuck on my mind, and he knew about it, for he provided me the name of the Hotel immediately with “!!s” exclamation when I didn’t remember the name, but we didn’t discuss about it.

But of course… Hollywood, a place where imagination runs wild and ideas can come true, so we find many interesting stories, mainly about those who clearly will never be forgotten.



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