Was Marilyn Monroe Racist?

This was my most important post on my previous blog, something I felt I had to do do after things I heard coming from people who liked Marilyn Monroe.

I had said that, people tend to think some celebrities are racist based on absurd things, and this happened to Marilyn Monroe.

I had read a comment of a girl saying that Marilyn Monroe was racist, once we all know how difficult it was for Black actors and actresses to make it big in the Old Hollywood. There were many of these actors and actresses that could be seen on the movies, but indeed, they played small parts, and sometimes their faces didn’t even show up, like on the first version of Lolita.

But, Marilyn Monroe wasn’t racist, and wouldn’t take much time for people to see this, if they could take some time to educate themselves on this matter.

All right, so Lets go!

Marilyn Monroe helped the career of Ella Fitzgerald.

“The year was 1955 and, unthinkably, black singers were not allowed to perform in leading nightclubs. It was also the year that Marilyn Monroe, tired of being cast as a helpless sex symbol, took a break from Los Angeles and headed to New York to find herself. Here she immersed herself in jazz, in particular the music of Ella Fitzgerald. In Fitzgerald’s melodies, Monroe recognized the creative genius she herself longed to possess.So when she discovered that, due to the colour bar, Fitzgerald was not permitted to play in her favourite nightclub, the Mocambo in Los Angeles, Monroe approached the manager, Charlie Morrison, and promised to sit in the front row for a week if he let Fitzgerald play. Morrison agreed to break the color bar and Fitzgerald would never again have to play in a small, second-rate jazz club. The two women became firm friends and discovered they had many things in common. Until now, their mutual history has not been widely known. But this week, Marilyn and Ella, a play by the black American writer Bonnie Greer about the friendship between Fitzgerald and Monroe, opens at the Theatre Royal, Stratford East.”

I already had a big respect and admiration for Marilyn due to everything that she went through and how she became the most iconic Hollywood actress and how things didn’t change until this time, but after learning about this, I feel like everything I felt for her, became stronger, because Marilyn really was a good woman.

People judged her and still judge her based on her look, and how she would act sometimes, but they never actually stopped to take a real close look of the person that she was and how things worked by that era.

Just like Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe is more remembered by her beauty than by other things, things that aren’t less important than what we would see when we looked at her, and this is where the problem is, people don’t learn about her the things that they should learn to be able to see her as more than a Sex Symbol, therefore, saying things like she was racist, when she clearly wasn’t.

I couldn’t simple come and say that she wasn’t without making a research about that, i didn’t want to give a false information on this. I knew from the beginning that she wasn’t racist, but wanted to present proofs, so there wouldn’t be more doubts to those who might come till my blog, like happened on the other one.

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5 thoughts on “Was Marilyn Monroe Racist?”

  1. Thank you so much for posting this 🙂 I actually did the same thing a couple of weeks ago after reading on Madame Noire that MM was a racist. I didn’t believe and I did research to back it up. I was going to mention a few things, but you actually had just about everything in your post. And I feel the same way; everything I loved about her became even stronger and more profound because she truly was a wonderful, phenomenal woman and this just adds to it. And: She was good friends with Dorothy Dandridge. They met while they were up-and-coming actresses. They also had many parallels in their lives, including the way they died. I love and cherish both of them.

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  2. I am not trying to be disrespectful to anyone but what is hard for me to understand is that Marilyn Monroe was a porn star and Dorothy Dandridge did acting, which are two different things. To me It’s like comparing a McDonalds to a carpenter, it’s just two different things. Plus now in 2016 sex is such a huge thing, everyone seems to enjoy it compared to watching old time films. Am I wrong to think that way?

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    1. Hello, is okay you are no disrespecfull is just maybe you dont know the details about her story. She was a singer, dancer and model, she used to appear in the cover on magazines when she was norma jean, but her housband wasnt agree about that so she get divorced and so she has to start again no place to live no money to pay the bill so she remember that a photograper offer to apear nude in a sesion and at first she said no way, but when she afford the reallity of her situation she agree but the pictures never apear in public hugh hefner ( i dont know how to write his name) buy the pictues for himself, he put them public years after her dead, she wanst a porn star, and not a drugg adict he used to sufer of ezquifophrenia is a mental disorder and can be heredated so she has to take medication to have better quality life, we have to rememner that at those years medication wanst so advaced like now, but in this century cience are very advanced about ezquizofrenia so now esquizophrenics just need to go to the doctor and take 1 inyection by month and they are able to have a quality life. I read about people who suffer of that mental disorder used to be with no mailcious, vulnerable, inocent and can have the way to think as a child. I hope i can help you with my information and sorry abouy my bad english

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      1. The article never says she was a drug addict or porn star, it speaks about the accusations against Marilyn, people say she is racist. I personally don’t think she was but people assume because she was white and particularly well off at the time, that meant she was racist.

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  3. I’ve just come from another article that recounts the facts slightly differently.. Ella Fitzgerald wasn’t barred from playing a certain club because she was black, it was because she wasn’t glamorous enough. That’s the reality.

    The club was The Tiffany Club, not Mocambo.


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